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19 - Sister Amani speaking about The Muslim Women show on Al Hayat TV

19 - Sister Amani speaking about The Muslim Women show on Al Hayat TV En090019

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
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18 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep3

18 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep3 En090018

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
This episode about the second part of the woman in Islam been a property as a teen ager, an adult woman and a mother.
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17 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep2

17 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep2 En090017

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
This episode about the woman in Islam been a property as a teen ager, an adult woman and a mother.
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The Quran Doesn’t Call Me an Infidel (Kafer) Why Do You?En060005

Servant of God -

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16 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep1

16 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep1 En090016

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
A journey on the conversion from Islam to Christianity, today will be focused on the beginning on the journey out of Islam.
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15 - The Dilemma of Islamic Revelation

15 - The Dilemma of Islamic Revelation En090015

Al Fadi - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
A general discussion on the Islamic mode of revelation as compared to the Biblical account. An analysis of the Character of Allah in light of how he revealed the Quran. Was the Quran created? Or did it eternally existed in heaven? According to the criteria of revelation in the Quran, was Mary a messenger? was Hagar a messenger? According to the Quran is Jesus God and is he an eternal being?
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14 - The Islamic Angel Gabriel

14 - The Islamic Angel GabrielEn090014

Al Fadi - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
(A Critical & Comparative Analysis) Did Muhammad know the identity of the angel Gabriel from the beginning of his calling? A comparative analysis concerning the typical calling formula to prophethood according to the Biblical accounts vs. the calling of Muhammad in the Quran. Who was Gabriel in the Quran? Was he an angel? Was he a deity?
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13 - The Dilemma of Muhammad & Gabriel

13 - The Dilemma of Muhammad & Gabriel En090013

Al Fadi - Daniel Shayeste - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
(Comparative Analysis) An analysis of the revelation of the Quran based on the Islamic understanding of the process by which the Quran was revealed to the prophet of Islam, and an analysis of the identity of the Angel who revealed it to Muhammad, who was later identified as Gabriel. Does the process of revelation in Islam agree with the Biblical accounts of other prophets, since Muhammad claimed to be in line with their mission and attesting to the truth which was revealed to them. Is Muhammad's Gabriel the biblical Gabriel?
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12 - Special Interview with a Former Muslim

12 - Special Interview with a Former Muslim En090012

Al Fadi - Daniel Shayeste - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
An overview of the show and an interview with a former Muslim from Iran who went from being a revolutionary hero to a fugitive who was running for his life. Learn how the Lord met him in another country outside of Iran and his journey to Salvation. Do not miss this incredible testimony of how the Lord can work even in the darkest of hours - Daniel Shayeste - 1 Hour Special
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11 - A Personal Testimony

11 - A Personal TestimonyEn090011

Al Fadi - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
My personal testimony of my journey from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of life. The story of my conversion from Islam to become a follower of Christ.
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حلقة اليوم من برنامج المرأة المسلمة ستكون مباشرة وبعنوان : علاقة محمد بالسحر والدماء! هي الجزء الخامس من سلسلة السحر! نستكمل معكم موضوع السحر، الجن، العرافة، الرقيه، المس الشيطاني في الفكر والتاريخ الاسلامي وكيف يؤثر ذلك علي المجتمعات العربية والإسلامية اليوم. أيضا الأهم هو كيف يتكلم الكتاب المقدس عن كل هذه المواضيع ماهي الحقيقه وكيف تساعدك كلمه الله علي التغلب علي كل هذه الامور الشيطانية!
فيديو  قناة الحياة  كلمه الله  محمد  أمور شيطانية  الفكر  الكتاب المقدس  المجتمعات العربية  المس الشيطاني  الأخت فرحة  الأخت مارينا  الأخت أماني  الإسلامية  التاريخ الاسلامي  الجن  الدماء  الرقيه  السحر  العرافة  علاقة

غرفة المتنصرين  شبهات وردود  سؤال جرئ  رسول الإسلام محمد  حوار الحق  جنسية  جنسي  جنس  تراتيم فيديو  ترانيم أوديو  ترانيم فيديو  الشريعة الإسلامية  الشذوذ الجنسي  السعودية  الدولة الإسلامية  الدول الإسلامية فقط  الدول الإسلامية  الجنسية  الجنس  الثقافة الجنسية  التحرش الجنسي  الأصولية الإسلامية  الأخ رشيد  الأخ وحيدالأخت فدوى  الأخ وحيد  الأب زكريا بطرس  الأوضاع الجنسية  المسيحية في الإسلام  المرأة السعودية  المرأة والجنس  المملكةالعربيةالسعودية  المملكة العربية السعودية  القاهرة اليوم  الفتاوى الجنسية  إغتصاب  إختبارات فيديو  أبونا زكريا  يعتديان جنسيا  هالة سرحان  نجلاء الإمام  موسوعة الفتوحات الإسلامية  مفهوم التوحيد في المسيحية  قناة الحياة المصرية  قناة الحياة  قناة المحور  فرجها  فيديورضوى فرغلي  فيديوالإتجاه المعاكس  فيديوأحداث  فيديو

Christian Coptic Martyrs     1.206 iscritti • 811.530 visualizzazioni
Data iscrizione 09 gen 2010 Flash:Just in from Coptic World.... join World to receive breaking news...concerning our Coptic community, here and abroad. Members of the clergy, Coptic Lawyer's Association, Coptic Solidarity, and CopticWorld as well as Coptic representatives from Michigan and other states met with White House officials today in a closed door meeting to address recent events in Egypt concerning Copts. The White House ......expressed deep concern over the events and laid out their plan to address such concerns. The issues discussed included the law on houses of worship, the up coming elections, the drafting of the constitution and the recent attacks on churches and peaceful Coptic protesters in Maspiro.
They welcomed any comments and concerns. White House officials were very up to date on all relevant information but invited Coptic community leaders to seek their point of view and also to set up a bridge between the White House and the Coptic community here in the United States. The exact details of the meeting were not to be divulged.
The White House asked that an announcement of this meeting be sent to the Coptic community to let them know that they are aware of the situation in Egypt, are working on diplomatic efforts to stop religious intolerance and are actively engaging the Coptic community in America.
You can see the minute by minute blogs on CopticWorld as the day unfolded. Please sign this petition. It will be -Presented to the Canadian government. Thanks.Copts massacre Oct.2011 to Canadian Government
الشعب القبطي المصري المسيحي يطلب الحماية الدولية في عجالة Coptic Egyptian Christian people required international protection in a hurry­protection-%D9%86%D8%B7%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A8-%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%84­%D8%AD%D9%85%D8%A7%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AF%D9%88%D9%8­4%D9%8A%D8%A9/170860912970745?sk=wall
- SHAME ON THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: "-Victoria Newland the Department spokeswoman of Minister of Foreign Affairs for the U.S. State said : Washington is worried about the Violence in Egypt... & they also said: that the Army/Civil AID will not going to be affected by the Maspero Coptic Christians Massacre Incident... " 10/13/2011
URGENT: Marshal Hussain Tantawi (The Butcher) orders the Egyptian army to runs over Christians in Maspero demonstrators with tanks and killed 50 Christian Copts-Martyred
Cairo-Egypt. 9/10/2011 Bodies of Christian martyrs cut to pieces in the streets and on bridges in pools of blood.
"Mass murder and genocide of Christians in Egypt (genocide)"
-Required to provide Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi (The Butcher) to the International Court of Justice and the trial as a war criminal, he and all the leaders of the Military Council of Egypt ((Islamists)
-FLASH: Regulates the Copts United States of America march Coptic rally outside the White House next Wednesday, October 19, 2001 at eleven in the morning will go later to the building of the U.S. Congress and to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to demand the expulsion of the Egyptian Ambassador of the United States and the Commission of an international investigation in the massacre of Maspero and then the officials and participants in the committing this carnage to an international court.
Also plans many young Coptic after the march, sit in front of the White House and State Department
It should be that what happened before Maspero a crime against humanity and should be investigated from the international bodies of the United Nations.
Contact from Canada : Prof. Sheref El Sabawy:
416.540.3355 Mr. Hany Tawfilis 647.241.2245
+The 50 Christian Coptic Martyrs of Maspero Martyrs:Fadi Rezk Ayoup-Shehata Thabet-Naseef Ragy Naseef-Micheal Mosaad Gergis-Mekhaeil Tawfik Gergis-Ayman Saber Beshay-Ayman Foad Ameen-Wael Mekhael Ameen-Usama Fathy Aziz-Mina Ibrahim Daneal-Sa'ad Fahmy Ibrahim-Ayman Naseef Wahba-Sobhy Gamal Nazeem-Hany Foad Atya-Peter...-Romany Fekry Lemby Gergis-& one Unknown...& others thrown by the Egyptian Muslim Solders in the River Nile...!!!! :( +++ God have Mercy+++­-virgin-mary-orthodox-church-damaged-at-imbaba-in-cairo/
Netanyahu to American Jews: Iran Deal Will Cause War, Not Prevent It. August, 05 2015. Netanyahu addressed American Jewry in a webcast, explaining why he believes it imperative to rally against the Iran nuclear deal, which he sees as an existential threat to Israel and the world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is continuing his campaign to persuade the public to reject the accord signed between the Islamic Republic and six world powers regarding its nuclear program. The latest stage in this battle was a live webcast on Tuesday aimed at Americans Jews, arranged by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
During the session, which was attended by more than 10,000 people who fielded roughly 2,000 questions on the issue, Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s stance that the deal endangers the safety of Israel and the world, calling it a “bad deal” that enables Tehran to develop a nuclear bomb.
“The nuclear deal with Iran doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb. It actually paves Iran’s path to the bomb,” Netanyahu declared.” Iran can get to the bomb by keeping the deal or Iran could get to the bomb by violating the deal.” Netanyahu, one of the fiercest critics of the nuclear accord, also disputed Obama’s claim that opponents of the diplomatic deal favor war. He called that claim “utterly false,” stating, “I oppose this deal because I want to prevent war, and this deal will bring war.”
Netanyahu outlined “fatal flaws” in the deal in an effort to dispel “some of the misinformation” and “disinformation” about Israel’s position.
“The deal that was supposed to end nuclear proliferation will actually trigger nuclear proliferation,” he insisted. “It will trigger an arms race, a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, the most volatile part of the planet. That’s a real nightmare.”
“But the deal’s dangers don’t end there,” he warned. “The deal gives Iran also a massive infusion of cash and Iran will use this cash to fund its aggression in the region and its terrorism around the world. As a result of this deal, there’ll be more terrorism. There will be more attacks. And more people will die.”
Hezbollah supporter holds photo of Islamic Revolution founder Ayatollah Khomeini (L) and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Even if Iran invests only 10 percent of the money for terrorism, “that’s 10 percent of nearly half a trillion dollars that Iran is expected to receive over the next 10 to 15 years,” the Israeli leader affirmed. “That’s a staggering amount of money.”
“Israelis are going to be the ones who pay the highest price if there’s war and if Iran gets the bomb,” he continued.
In Israel, opposition to the deal is not a partisan issue, the premier said. “Isaac Herzog, the Leader of the Labor Opposition, the man who ran against me in this year’s election and who works every day in the Knesset to bring down my government, Herzog has said that there is no daylight between us when it comes to the deal with Iran.”
“This isn’t about me. And it’s not about President Obama,” he said, stressing that the issue is not personal. “It’s about the deal.”
“Don’t let the deal’s supporters quash a real debate,” Netanyahu asserted. “The issue here is too important. Don’t let them take your voice away at this critical moment in history. What we do now will affect our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren – in Israel, in America, everywhere. This is a time to stand up and be counted. Oppose this dangerous deal.”
Earlier this week, Obama held a conference call organized by liberal, non-mainstream American Jewish organizations, offering talking points to defend the deal and urging them to garner support through financial donations and advocacy. There was no opportunity for questions.
Hours after Netanyahu’s address, Obama held a meeting with Jewish leaders at the White House in an attempt to persuade them to adopt the opposite position championed by Netanyahu. By: Max Gelber, United with Israel
Obama: Nuclear Deal with Iran or Rockets on Tel Aviv! In a meeting to promote the Iran nuclear deal, Obama warned American Jewish leaders that if the agreement is cancelled, there will be war and rockets will rain on Tel Aviv.
continuing in his effort to rally support for the Iran nuclear deal, US President Barack Obama met privately for more than two hours with Jewish leaders at the White House on Tuesday evening, making a detailed case for the accord and urging opponents — including some in the room — to “stick to the facts in making their own arguments,” according to participants.
Obama referred to tens of millions of dollars being spent by critics, most notably the pro-Israel group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The president’s meeting came just hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated in a live webcast aimed at Americans Jews, arranged by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The Israeli leader railed against the agreement, calling it a “bad deal” that leaves Tehran on the brink of a bomb.
Greg Rosenbaum of the National Jewish Democratic Council was one of 20 Jewish leaders who attended the meeting. He told Israel Radio that Obama said that American military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities is “not going to result in Iran deciding to have a full-fledged war with the United States.”
Instead, the president reportedly threatened, “You’ll see more support for terrorism. You’ll see Hezbollah rockets falling on Tel Aviv.”
“I can assure you that Israel will bear the brunt of the assymetrical response that Iran will have to a military strike on its nuclear facilities,” Obama stated, adding that he had invited Netanyahu to discuss increased US military assistance but that the Israeli leader declined.
Participants at the White House meeting who oppose the agreement raised raised their concerns at being painted as eager for war. Obama continued to argue that if Congress rejects the agreement, he or the next president will be forced to consider taking military action to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Netanyahu Congress
PM Netanyahu speaks before a joint meeting of Congress. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)
Obama described the deal as “historic,” adding that it would prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. He also stressed that the US will continue to support and help strengthen Israel’s security.
The back-to-back sales pitches from the leaders came on the eve of a foreign policy address Obama was to deliver as he seeks to bolster support for the deal in Congress. A White House official said Obama would frame lawmakers’ decision to approve or disapprove of the deal as the most consequential foreign policy debate since the decision to go to war in Iraq.
The official said Obama would also argue that those who backed the Iraq war, which is now widely seen as a mistake, are the same ones who oppose the Iran deal.
Enough Votes for Obama’s Deal?
The White House is preparing for the likelihood that lawmakers will vote against the deal next month and is focusing its lobbying efforts on getting enough Democrats to sustain a veto. Only one chamber of Congress is needed to so do.
Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday that the White House is confident it can sustain a veto “at least in the House.”
US Congress. The president got a boost in the Senate Tuesday with Senators Barbara Boxer of California, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Bill Nelson of Florida announcing their support for the deal. However, the administration lost the backing of three prominent Jewish Democrats — New York Reps. Steve Israel and Nita Lowey and Florida Rep. Ted Deutch.
Obama, who has long been criticized for his lack of engagement with Congress, has become personally involved in selling the deal to lawmakers and other influential groups. Those who have met with him say it seems to be his top foreign policy priority.
“It was pretty solid evidence of a couple of things: first of all, just how engaged the president is on this issue, and second, how important it is to him,” said Andrew Weinstein, a South Florida community leader who attended the meeting.
Also among the roughly two-dozen leaders joining Obama in the Cabinet Room were Michael Kassen and Lee Rosenberg of AIPAC, which is vehemently opposed to the deal, as well as Jeremy Ben-Ami of the left-wing J Street, who is among the deal’s most vocal proponents. The White House said representatives from the Orthodox Union (OU), the Reform Movement, the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) also attended.
By: AP and United with Israel Staff
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tu sei uno stupratore del genere umano, tu sei peggio dei talebani!

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La Chiesa Cattolica non é stata sconfitta (non puó essere sconfitta) ma é stata ridotta ad un remnant di pochi veri fedeli. Anche se la Chiesa Cattolica venisse ridotta ad un pugno di veri fedeli costoro costituirebbero la vera Chiesa. L'Inquisizione ? Fu un tribunale giusto e misericordioso. Le Crociate ? Furono perfettamente giustificate. La conquista spagnola del Sudamerica ? Fu un evento provvidenziale. Siamo nel tempo della grande apostasia finale. E tu sei un promotore dell'apostasia. Tu non sfuggirai nel giorno del giudizio finale.

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il tuo cervello? è andato perduto, nel buco: del culo di satana! infatti, tu hai perso la capacità di ragionare! e se tu non ragioni? tu non sei più un essere umano, tu sei, soltanto, un mostro di salafita wahabita fariseo nazista sionista comunista, evoluzionista massimalista acritico, terrorista fondamentalista, cioè un ottuso, maniaco fanatico

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tu hai eletto papa: te stesso, eppure, tu non hai studiato la storia della Chiesa, ed infatti, tu non hai neanche un esame in teologia! tu hai preso una sbandata.. perché porti delle citazioni, che, riflettono epoche storiche, molto diverse dalle nostre... cose se Dio non sapesse affrontare e dirigere la storia... l'immagine che tu fai di Dio? è un insulto: contro la sua santità! la tua presunzione: ? è uno scandalo: tu sarai punito per questo!

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se Dio è Onnipotente, allora, perché la Chiesa Cattolica: è stata sconfitta, umiliata, ed ha collezionato, tanti crimini? ma, se l'onore di Dio: fosse: testimoniato, soltanto nella Chiesa Cattolica, allora, anche Dio è stato sconfitto, ma, questo è semplicemente ridicolo! nessuno può infangare, la santità di Dio, con le nostre porcherie umane! e questo è risaputo.. la Chiesa è fatta da uomini

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Sant'Agostino (Epistola CXLI): "Chiunque è separato dalla Chiesa Cattolica è votato alla collera divina."

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Sant'Atanasio (Simbolo): "Chiunque voglia salvarsi, deve anzitutto possedere la fede cattolica: Colui che non la conserva integra ed inviolata perirà senza dubbio in eterno."

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Non é possibile salvarsi professando una qualsiasi religione. Per salvarsi é necessario professare esclusivamente la tradizionale religione cattolica.

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Papa Gregorio XVI, Summo Iugiter: "Anche Sant'Agostino e gli altri Vescovi dell'Africa, riuniti nel Concilio di Cirta (Costantina) nel 412, davano al riguardo ampie spiegazioni: "Chiunque si sarà separato da questa Chiesa cattolica, pur ritenendo di vivere in modo irreprensibile, per questa sola colpa di essere separato dalla comunione con Cristo non avrà la vita, ma lo sdegno di Dio incombe su di lui". Pur tralasciando altri passi, in numero pressoché infinito, degli antichi Padri, tesseremo le lodi di quell'insigne Nostro Predecessore, San Gregorio Magno, che afferma a chiare lettere come proprio quella fosse la dottrina della Chiesa cattolica. Dice infatti: "La santa Chiesa universale proclama che Dio non può essere debitamente adorato se non all'interno di essa. Pertanto chi se ne trova fuori non potrà assolutamente salvarsi"."

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Papa Eugenio IV, Concilio di Firenze: ""(La Sacrosanta Chiesa Romana) Crede fermamente, confessa e predica che nessuno di quelli che sono fuori della chiesa cattolica, non solo pagani, ma anche Giudei o eretici e scismatici, possano acquistar la vita eterna, ma che andranno nel fuoco eterno, preparato per il demonio e per i suoi angeli, se prima della fine della vita non saranno stati aggregati ad essa; e che é tanto importante l'unitá del corpo della chiesa, che solo a quelli che rimangono in essa giovano per la salvezza i sacramenti ecclesiastici, i digiuni e le altre opere di pietá, e gli esercizi della milizia cristiana procurano i premi eterni. Nessuno per quante elemosine abbia potuto fare, e perfino se avesse versato il sangue per il nome di Cristo si puó salvare, qualora non rimanga nel seno e nell'unitá della chiesa cattolica."

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per avere sporcato, questa pagina, dopo i miei articoli di oggi? tu meriti di essere punito!

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1. "QUALSIVOGLIA RELIGIONE", quindi anche il cristianesimo, come religione non è salvifico! 2. il Termine di "Ecclesia" è l'equivalente, della:"Celeste Gerusalemme", cioè, la sposa dell'Agnello: il Messia, Quindi, la sposa, è sinonimo: di tutto il genere umano: pacificato, giustificato: e confermato nella verità: "non mentire!", nella giustizia, "non fare il male!", perché: il Dio vivente di Israele? lui non fa: del male a persone buone(e nessuna opera buona è gratuita, ma, richiede una sofferenza, ingratitudine, ostilità dei: uomini cattivi, e perversi)! infatti, senza il martirio, del cuore, non c'è bontà!: e poiché, ogni virtù, richiede fede speranza, amore, e sacrificio, queste persone, a qualsiasi popolo, e a qualsiasi credo religioso: loro appartengono, saranno tutte salvate! diversamente, si copre, il Trono di Dio, di vergogna, e disonore(che è proprio quello, che tu fai), ma, noi sappiamo, che, nessuna ingiustizia può essere in Dio!

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Fuori dalla Chiesa Cattolica non c'é salvezza. Siamo nel tempo della grande apostasia.

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Papa Pio IX, Sillabo: "LV. È da separarsi la Chiesa dallo Stato, e lo Stato dalla Chiesa. - CONDANNATO"

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Papa Pio IX, Sillabo: "LXXVIII. Però lodevolmente in alcuni paesi cattolici si è stabilito per legge che a coloro i quali vi si recano, sia lecito avere pubblico esercizio del culto proprio di ciascuno. - CONDANNATO"

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Papa Pio IX, Sillabo: "LXXVII. In questa nostra età non conviene più che la religione cattolica si ritenga come l'unica religione dello Stato, esclusi tutti gli altri culti, quali che si vogliano. - CONDANNATO"

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Extra Ecclesiam nulla Salus.

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Papa Pio IX, Sillabo: "XVI. Gli uomini nell'esercizio di qualsivoglia religione possono trovare la via della eterna salvezza, e conseguire l'eterna salvezza. - CONDANNATO"

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]: The bales of Darwin. Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and: intelligent design, Author: Jonathan Wells Data: 2009, XX-267 p., Paperback, Translator: G. Seals, Publisher Rubbettino: (The hummingbird necklace. New Series), Tired of books on Darwin? This is the first book against Darwin! an: Book that: will tell you what that: your teacher of sciences probably not: there has: never said that. Did you know that: a lot of evidence that: have so far been put forward to: support of h: Darwinian theory were accepted uncritically: all evolutionary scientists without verifying the reliability? Did you know that: the fossils not: allow us of: draw any conclusion: certain: the evolution of species? Why: evolutionism not: has: so far found application in the field of h: medicine?

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]: and: if Darwinism had become: a mere ideology and: arduously defended precisely because ideology indisputable: and: to accept almost as: of truth: faith? and: if: Intelligent Design: much of it: more: that: an assumption of good men: faith? and: if a theory that: able to: explain the complexity of the: living world, also: to: the molecular level, better than the "random mutations" postulated by evolutionism? The bales of Darwin, Jonathan Wells - Rubbettino, Soveria Mannelli (CZ) 2009, pp. 268, € 16. In 2009, the second centenary of h: birth of Darwin, declared "holy year" of the: lobby of scientistic: half the world, it is: closed with: an: of nothing: done: few conversions to Darwinism, growing doubts among , the same of the faithful: English biologist, and continues:

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]:lack of fearless: evidence in its favor (not that: it is proved neo-ontological Darwinism must exist, otherwise it is: necessary to admit an: Creator of the universe) , significant increase of: incredulous to evolutionary dogma ... The last few weeks of the year saw an, escalation of h: controversy, wth: the usual evolutionary excommunications to the skeptics, accompanied by threats of: ban and: of: death (for now only civil and: cultural). The bales of Darwin contributes significantly to: explain and: to: demystify the fundamentals of h: Darwinist religion, whose faith requires of: a great faith and: blind, it seems even more: of large: that of: who, wth: the only reason, is: forced to admit the existence of: an: personal God as: cause and: end of last: all things, including man.

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]: In the wonderful preface, the editor of the: text William Seals, shows what is: at stake in the disputes apparently for: only specialists around at the: cosmology, at the biology, at the genetics and: at the: science in general. According to Seals, Darwinists are the modern Epicureans that: the use of the theory: evolution, admitted to: its not so already: Rare physical antiquity, for: undermine the morality that: easily be deduced from the organization and ordered: of the hierarchy: everything. "For Epicurus and: his followers also: God that: is: actively involved in human affairs and: that: judge us in the: other, of the life poses: undue restrictions at the: our: present life (...) . for: cancel of these sources: concern Epicurus, and proposed a mechanistic view: materialism of h: nature, seen as: the aggregate of: material entities that: blind operate according to natural laws.

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]: " wth: Seals admirable interpretive summary notes that: "The victory of the: Christianity began in OMBR however, materialism. The rediscovery of: Epicurus and: Lucretius in the Renaissance revived the old dispute, that: is in the course of the prolonged: the scientific revolution of the: and XVI: XVII century. In the nineteenth and: XX century, also: thanks at the: fortune, of the ideas of Darwin, in the West the materialist philosophy has: won, again, the dominance, in the scientific world. ". So, according to this interpretation, the evolutionary paradigm would be an "throwback" to: an old concept, pre-scientific and: philosophical of the: world: anti-philosophical reality, lacking of: true wisdom, of: solid foundations and: of: common sense.

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]:"The result of: is this conception of man: an culture, dominant in the: current secularized West, that: not: only admits but enhances and: promotes abortion, birth control, euthanasia, the ' eugenics experiments on the: human embryos, libertinism, divorce, promiscuity, and: sexual perversions, the consumption of: drugs, the unbridled pursuit of hedonism, of the: pleasure, the occult, the exaltation of the : instincts more: beastly ": in a word, a true culture of: death.

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[shame FED Talmud: 666 IMF: said: goyim are animals in human form]:The truth: always wins, and: the long march: Darwinian and: neo-Darwinist against: of: it will be resolved very soon in an: colossal mea culpa. How to: communism seemed eternal and is: collapsed to: pieces in a short time, changing: magically anti-communists or communist semi-many: its more: ardent supporters, so the theory of evolution: in all its schools (moderate and: radical) will be remembered in a few years: as: the last great myth of h: secularization and: of h: modernity. In this sense, "there is nothing that: can favor of: more: the collapse of the: Darwinism that: the progress of he: science." (RC n. 52 - Feb. / March 2010)

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Thank you Youtube

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Jesus of Bethlehem, the Apostles, like Abraham and Moses and all the prophets?, They are characters that belong to the modern scientific historiography! [criminal blasphemous arxel666gamer] you swear: in pubblic against: an reality: that, you do not know! because: you can not prove, nothing about the origin of life, and yet, you do yourself: an insult, ever, against justice, ie a form of secular maximalism, which is an ideological regime: of communist, for the destruction democratic values​​, ie agenda IMF talmud, agaisnt all goym: for bubbllismo the eternal and ideological, theory of the evolution as religion, for all goym, ie form of humans, but, are only true animals, for make slaves of Rothschild IMF Kabbalah 666 322 NWO, ie, new, babilon tower: Satanism ideological and practical, of Baal at Bohemian Grove, you god owl!

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this article: It was written entirely by me, and yet, there is a satanic criminal: spammer of the CIA, the IMF for, that he wants the war world, to destroy Islam and Israel, as well, he will run the my article through its bullying and through his vulgarity! but the Holy Spirit has marked his soul: for the day of destruction! questo articolo: è stato scritto interamente da me, eppure, c'è un satanista criminale: della CIA, per il FMI, che, lui vuole la guerra mondiale, per distruggere l'ISlam ed Israele, così, lui lo farà scorrere, il mio articolo, attraverso il suo bullismo e attraverso, la sua volgarità! ma, lo Spirito Santo: ha segnato la sua anima: per il giorno della sua distruzione!

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What kind of a fag would read all of this shit. V

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1_12. @ To all: governments, if: you think, that: the third world war can be expected, of: another 100 years! [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] in what Christianity is different: from other religions? Simple, Christianity not: is: a religion, but: is: a PERSON, resurrected Jesus Christ of: Bethlehem "Yeshua Ha Maschiach," I'm sorry, if: someone gets hurt, with: my words, but: this is: the truth! why: every religion, a cult applies, for: join, the divinity of the world: men, in some way, while we Christians not: we need of: worship: if: is: true, that: the Spirit Holy dwells in our bodies deified: and is He, the Holy Spirit, that: he is: committed to: pray in us, with: his inexpressible groans! It was as: the Apostle says: 'We do not: even know, as: we must pray, but: the Spirit himself intercedes for: us with: inexpressible groanings. (Romans 8: 26).

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2_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] Therefore, the potential cultural revolution, sublimation, of the: civilization for: human progress, that: Christianity door, if: the same, of course, this vitality, not: is: was, something, that: it is still full! He won, "Yeshua Ha Maschiach", son of: David, that: he sits at the right hand of the Father, where everything already: is: was placed: under his feet, (end of the: history! why: if Christ is: resurrected?, then, the story is: really over!). why God also: if: He is: the Spirit more noble: subtle, holy, and: pure?, he is, nonetheless, a community of: love, (a family in if: same) of: infinite love, and: of: infinite justice (ie, of: infinite: and: perfect unit) (as people without: these feelings can be said of being men of God? They, ie, Salafis, Wahhabis, Illuminati, communists, Pharisees, etc. ..

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3_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] all: the real racists, and murderers, that: they think of: to be saints, only, why: not: are adulterers, etc. .. etc. .. but: this is: the truth, they are of men: Satan, only!), because this love between, of: them (including the Father, and The Son?): is: the generation of the: Holy Spirit, that is, another Divine Person, however, is: always one, and only, God! why: we accept (without discussion) modern knowledge: of the: psychoanalysis: that: to: several occasions, he says, (the one man), the existence of: three: subjects of: consciousness [three "I" ]: and: of: three levels of: knowledge: three levels of: personality, always in the same man: that is, the identity of the: same one man, and: then?, not us: we accept, that: God said: of: be: to: our image, and: similarity (transitive property):

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4_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] because: he has done to us: his image and: resemblance?, If: the Jewish Temple: is: the meaning , of: this, in fact, it is: composed: of: the main three elements: to: symbolize: 1. the spirit (spirit) (Blessed), 2. the soul (psyche soul) (saint or atrium, internal), 3. body: body (see: hall outside: of the: Jewish temple). this reality together vital element: water (1. steam 2. ice 3. liquid), all: these examples show the three forms: of the: reality as: electron: proton, and: neutron, etc. .. and: here, the examples could be very long! Now, involvement: of: with God: the man through the human experience of Jesus Christ: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" brought God: YHWH, to: share everything with, the flesh of man, even to: Do ​​the experience: he: of the: larger: abandonment, pain,

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5_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] misunderstanding, injustice, ingratitude, that is, the experience: of the more great abyss of destruction, but: why: the desire of God: of: love man? is: was: an absolute desire: and: total! if: him not: he: also, the determination: of: to give total: if: the same?: that is, of: transfer: the very nature of: infinite divine, to: us, for: the virtue of the: faith (and who is not: did you know? key for: come to God: is: right faith: that is born, has its foundation: not: in some established religion, but: the universal natural law: for: to achieve : to: have personal experience of the: Resurrection of :: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach")! So, we have seen a God, that: not: give something, of: if:, but: that: Contribute if: same: totally! Because, in the first instance, the angels were excluded: the ability of the: divine nature

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6_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] (such as a test of the: their loyalty, and: of the: their dignity), here is that: we imagine next The reason of the: their rebellion: of: 1/3 of: them: for: and envy: jealousy): why: in a surprising way: the political reality of the United of God, would have developed: not: to : start of the: supernatural angelic nature, but: to: from man Jesus, "Yeshua Ha Maschiach"! Here's why: the Pharisees and the high priests (always in the balance: between the possibility of: extermination, genocide of the: their people for centuries: they saw this threat as: upcoming by immense: and : powerful Roman empire: the reign of the: idolatry: that: of course not: he could tolerate and presumption: Rise of the: monotheism), then, if: Jesus had put his power: to: disposal: of the : Jewish particularism? They would have hailed both as the Messiah, that: as: King, Son of: David,

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7_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] but: because Jesus has put the theological value and: political: of the: its action: to: Please: to: available: of: all: the peoples of the: mankind?, That here :: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" not: only, he was disappointed: The chief priests and the Pharisees killers: racist of the: Talmud, but: also, disappointed, his disciples, creating in them, terrible conflicts of: consciousness: why: also: they felt betrayed! In fact, their political expectations: not: they were absurd: why: the apostles, not: to thought: if: same as: to: men of: any religion, but: have always thought that: their action was an action policy: that is, rebuild the Kingdom of Israel: [[Atti Apostles 1.6. Thus, (until the last moment of the first: Ascension) that have occurred to: find:

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8_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] :: set to "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" [Acts of the: Apostles: 1,6] asked him (again, a time): "Lord, is: this time: that restore the kingdom of Israel?". [of the Acts: Apostles: 1,7]. but: he said, "not: it is up to them: you know the times and: the moments, that: the Father has fixed by his own authority", now, right, these are the times, of the United of: Palestine (Israel), and I am unius REI: for: this: that I am: the only one that: has the legal right, of: build the Jewish Temple: why: if: worship: is: only Jewish? However, the feature: of the: Jewish Temple: is: a universal feature! and: we are not: we are: the racists of the: the synagogues of the murderers of the Pharisees: IMF, why: us in Palestine us not: hunt anyone! if: you think that: the third world war can be expected, yet, another 100 years, is this: the only alternative: why: I am a political messiah, that: not: only the Jews,

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9_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] but: that: also: the Christian community is waiting: for 200 years, and: Because I not: I can: never be the enemy of: a people at all? and: therefore, I not: I can never be: the enemy of: none, positive values: that every nation has as: the reference of the: he is! and: if: my identity: not: do of the: evil: other identity? against: anyone: he is honest and: peaceful? then, all: have the duty of the: reciprocity with: me: and: of: imitate my feelings: of: Justice and: of: truth, and: of: not: doing violence: at the: consciousness of the: people: and: therefore, the secular governments, must be guaranteed: why: the protection of the: identity: of the: sacred: of the: of consciousness: each, to: all, is always recognized, freedom of: religion! why: the way to God is: always the way of the: good: and is: always blessed: in every way! Here's why: honestly:

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10_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] in this way: Jesus "Yeshua Ha Maschiach": not: he never denied it: in life, and as: Risen the possibility: of: restructuring: the Kingdom of Israel, as: image: of: a universal kingdom: political: that is, of the: universal brotherhood: that is, my kingdom: of: UniusREI! Currently: I not: I want to list, what are the privileges of: those, that: are covered of Christ, and take: the powers of the: God, in them. 1. Because: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" took on of: if (each effect: and every consequence, of the: sin), and: then, all: our injustices, and: our death? are all finite, against: of: Him! then, the sons of God (they are declared innocent and always, in every way) so their not: they must suffer: no injustice, disease and suffering: death .. why: now if you have faith, for: move mountains? he can prove it! to all my enemy, "Satan, full of envy and jealousy? he just: burns inside of you!"

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11_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] to: "Yeshua Ha Maschiach" you can be: forever: 1. Priest, and King: Prophet! 2. Son of God: sitting (in tenth dimension) in the heart of the: Resurrected Body: of: Christ on the Throne of God, the right hand of the Father 3. is: pass: for: us: the problem of the: purgatory, and: of the: paradise: why: the sons of God, it can be subjected to the judgment 4. established for: always 5. reconciled, 6. sanctified, 7. deified, 8. made perfect, 9. rejuvenated, 10. justified, 11. renewed, 12. transfigured, 13. glorified, 14. enthroned, 15. predestined, 16. protected, 17. parking, 18. forgiven, 19. pacified, 20. released, 21. saved, 22. redeemed, 23. cured, 24. blessed: with: all: the 1500 biblical blessings: of: 25. wealth: and: of prosperity, 26. Christified, 27. representative, governor, and ambassador of the United of God, at: other domains, etc. .. etc. ..

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12_12. [YHWH: and: the Kingdom of Israel] [political value of the: theology: in: UniusREI] [(citations:. 2 Peter 1.5 to 9; Romami8, 1 and 2 Corinthians 5:17; Revelation 12, 11, 10.19 to 23 Jews, John 14.12-13, John 5.24, Acts 26.18, Romans 5:8-10 Colossians 1.12 to 14; Hebrews 10.14, Hebrews 13.12; 2 Timothy 2:21; Deuteronomy 7.6 to 8; 1 John 1.7, Rev. 1.5 to 6; Colossians 1:20; 1 John 5.7 to 8 ;)] - Answer -: if: WANT ? WE CAN Escape, the Anger of God, that: weighs upon the world! but: there are still a few days, for: to build the Kingdom of Palestine, and: for: pledge our allegiance: in the hands of the: his king, lorenzojhwh, lorenzoAllah, ie, unius REI! @ Synnek1, and Ihatenewlayout - the power that: YHWH has given to: me (a sinner as: all) for: time: and: in eternity? is: a power without: comparisons and: without: comparisons! this is: the mystery of the: and the mystery of the faith: my position towards of: He, the Holy One of Israel, the Lord YHWH Living!

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[criminale blasfemo: arxel666gamer] tu bestemmi realtà che non conosci! perché tu non puoi dimostrare nulla, eppure, tu fai di te stesso un insulto assoluto, cioè una forma di massimalismo laicista, che è un regime ideologico della distruzione dei valori democratici: la eterna ed ideologica teoria della evoluzione