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19 - Sister Amani speaking about The Muslim Women show on Al Hayat TV

19 - Sister Amani speaking about The Muslim Women show on Al Hayat TV En090019

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
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18 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep3

18 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep3 En090018

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
This episode about the second part of the woman in Islam been a property as a teen ager, an adult woman and a mother.
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17 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep2

17 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep2 En090017

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
This episode about the woman in Islam been a property as a teen ager, an adult woman and a mother.
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The Quran Doesn’t Call Me an Infidel (Kafer) Why Do You?En060005

Servant of God -

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16 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep1

16 - A journey of a former follower of Islam - Ep1 En090016

Al Fadi - Amani Mostafa - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
A journey on the conversion from Islam to Christianity, today will be focused on the beginning on the journey out of Islam.
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15 - The Dilemma of Islamic Revelation

15 - The Dilemma of Islamic Revelation En090015

Al Fadi - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
A general discussion on the Islamic mode of revelation as compared to the Biblical account. An analysis of the Character of Allah in light of how he revealed the Quran. Was the Quran created? Or did it eternally existed in heaven? According to the criteria of revelation in the Quran, was Mary a messenger? was Hagar a messenger? According to the Quran is Jesus God and is he an eternal being?
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14 - The Islamic Angel Gabriel

14 - The Islamic Angel GabrielEn090014

Al Fadi - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
(A Critical & Comparative Analysis) Did Muhammad know the identity of the angel Gabriel from the beginning of his calling? A comparative analysis concerning the typical calling formula to prophethood according to the Biblical accounts vs. the calling of Muhammad in the Quran. Who was Gabriel in the Quran? Was he an angel? Was he a deity?
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13 - The Dilemma of Muhammad & Gabriel

13 - The Dilemma of Muhammad & Gabriel En090013

Al Fadi - Daniel Shayeste - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
(Comparative Analysis) An analysis of the revelation of the Quran based on the Islamic understanding of the process by which the Quran was revealed to the prophet of Islam, and an analysis of the identity of the Angel who revealed it to Muhammad, who was later identified as Gabriel. Does the process of revelation in Islam agree with the Biblical accounts of other prophets, since Muhammad claimed to be in line with their mission and attesting to the truth which was revealed to them. Is Muhammad's Gabriel the biblical Gabriel?
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12 - Special Interview with a Former Muslim

12 - Special Interview with a Former Muslim En090012

Al Fadi - Daniel Shayeste - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
An overview of the show and an interview with a former Muslim from Iran who went from being a revolutionary hero to a fugitive who was running for his life. Learn how the Lord met him in another country outside of Iran and his journey to Salvation. Do not miss this incredible testimony of how the Lord can work even in the darkest of hours - Daniel Shayeste - 1 Hour Special
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11 - A Personal Testimony

11 - A Personal TestimonyEn090011

Al Fadi - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma
My personal testimony of my journey from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of life. The story of my conversion from Islam to become a follower of Christ.
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حلقة اليوم من برنامج المرأة المسلمة ستكون مباشرة وبعنوان : علاقة محمد بالسحر والدماء! هي الجزء الخامس من سلسلة السحر! نستكمل معكم موضوع السحر، الجن، العرافة، الرقيه، المس الشيطاني في الفكر والتاريخ الاسلامي وكيف يؤثر ذلك علي المجتمعات العربية والإسلامية اليوم. أيضا الأهم هو كيف يتكلم الكتاب المقدس عن كل هذه المواضيع ماهي الحقيقه وكيف تساعدك كلمه الله علي التغلب علي كل هذه الامور الشيطانية!
فيديو  قناة الحياة  كلمه الله  محمد  أمور شيطانية  الفكر  الكتاب المقدس  المجتمعات العربية  المس الشيطاني  الأخت فرحة  الأخت مارينا  الأخت أماني  الإسلامية  التاريخ الاسلامي  الجن  الدماء  الرقيه  السحر  العرافة  علاقة

غرفة المتنصرين  شبهات وردود  سؤال جرئ  رسول الإسلام محمد  حوار الحق  جنسية  جنسي  جنس  تراتيم فيديو  ترانيم أوديو  ترانيم فيديو  الشريعة الإسلامية  الشذوذ الجنسي  السعودية  الدولة الإسلامية  الدول الإسلامية فقط  الدول الإسلامية  الجنسية  الجنس  الثقافة الجنسية  التحرش الجنسي  الأصولية الإسلامية  الأخ رشيد  الأخ وحيدالأخت فدوى  الأخ وحيد  الأب زكريا بطرس  الأوضاع الجنسية  المسيحية في الإسلام  المرأة السعودية  المرأة والجنس  المملكةالعربيةالسعودية  المملكة العربية السعودية  القاهرة اليوم  الفتاوى الجنسية  إغتصاب  إختبارات فيديو  أبونا زكريا  يعتديان جنسيا  هالة سرحان  نجلاء الإمام  موسوعة الفتوحات الإسلامية  مفهوم التوحيد في المسيحية  قناة الحياة المصرية  قناة الحياة  قناة المحور  فرجها  فيديورضوى فرغلي  فيديوالإتجاه المعاكس  فيديوأحداث  فيديو

Christian Coptic Martyrs     1.206 iscritti • 811.530 visualizzazioni
Data iscrizione 09 gen 2010 Flash:Just in from Coptic World.... join World to receive breaking news...concerning our Coptic community, here and abroad. Members of the clergy, Coptic Lawyer's Association, Coptic Solidarity, and CopticWorld as well as Coptic representatives from Michigan and other states met with White House officials today in a closed door meeting to address recent events in Egypt concerning Copts. The White House ......expressed deep concern over the events and laid out their plan to address such concerns. The issues discussed included the law on houses of worship, the up coming elections, the drafting of the constitution and the recent attacks on churches and peaceful Coptic protesters in Maspiro.
They welcomed any comments and concerns. White House officials were very up to date on all relevant information but invited Coptic community leaders to seek their point of view and also to set up a bridge between the White House and the Coptic community here in the United States. The exact details of the meeting were not to be divulged.
The White House asked that an announcement of this meeting be sent to the Coptic community to let them know that they are aware of the situation in Egypt, are working on diplomatic efforts to stop religious intolerance and are actively engaging the Coptic community in America.
You can see the minute by minute blogs on CopticWorld as the day unfolded.
http://www.copticworld.org/articles/467/ Please sign this petition. It will be -Presented to the Canadian government. Thanks.Copts massacre Oct.2011 to Canadian Government
الشعب القبطي المصري المسيحي يطلب الحماية الدولية في عجالة Coptic Egyptian Christian people required international protection in a hurry
- SHAME ON THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: "-Victoria Newland the Department spokeswoman of Minister of Foreign Affairs for the U.S. State said : Washington is worried about the Violence in Egypt... & they also said: that the Army/Civil AID will not going to be affected by the Maspero Coptic Christians Massacre Incident... " 10/13/2011
URGENT: Marshal Hussain Tantawi (The Butcher) orders the Egyptian army to runs over Christians in Maspero demonstrators with tanks and killed 50 Christian Copts-Martyred
Cairo-Egypt. 9/10/2011 Bodies of Christian martyrs cut to pieces in the streets and on bridges in pools of blood.
"Mass murder and genocide of Christians in Egypt (genocide)"
-Required to provide Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi (The Butcher) to the International Court of Justice and the trial as a war criminal, he and all the leaders of the Military Council of Egypt ((Islamists)
-FLASH: Regulates the Copts United States of America march Coptic rally outside the White House next Wednesday, October 19, 2001 at eleven in the morning will go later to the building of the U.S. Congress and to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to demand the expulsion of the Egyptian Ambassador of the United States and the Commission of an international investigation in the massacre of Maspero and then provi...de the officials and participants in the committing this carnage to an international court.
Also plans many young Coptic after the march, sit in front of the White House and State Department
It should be that what happened before Maspero a crime against humanity and should be investigated from the international bodies of the United Nations.
USA: magdi.khalil@yahoo.com
Contact from Canada : Prof. Sheref El Sabawy:
416.540.3355 S_sabawy@hotmail.com Mr. Hany Tawfilis 647.241.2245 h.tawfilis@hotmail.com
+The 50 Christian Coptic Martyrs of Maspero Martyrs:Fadi Rezk Ayoup-Shehata Thabet-Naseef Ragy Naseef-Micheal Mosaad Gergis-Mekhaeil Tawfik Gergis-Ayman Saber Beshay-Ayman Foad Ameen-Wael Mekhael Ameen-Usama Fathy Aziz-Mina Ibrahim Daneal-Sa'ad Fahmy Ibrahim-Ayman Naseef Wahba-Sobhy Gamal Nazeem-Hany Foad Atya-Peter...-Romany Fekry Lemby Gergis-& one Unknown...& others thrown by the Egyptian Muslim Solders in the River Nile...!!!! :( +++ God have Mercy+++
    http://coptic-news.net/English/E_news.html http://coptic-news.net/English/E_news.html
Netanyahu to American Jews: Iran Deal Will Cause War, Not Prevent It. August, 05 2015. Netanyahu addressed American Jewry in a webcast, explaining why he believes it imperative to rally against the Iran nuclear deal, which he sees as an existential threat to Israel and the world. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is continuing his campaign to persuade the public to reject the accord signed between the Islamic Republic and six world powers regarding its nuclear program. The latest stage in this battle was a live webcast on Tuesday aimed at Americans Jews, arranged by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.
During the session, which was attended by more than 10,000 people who fielded roughly 2,000 questions on the issue, Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s stance that the deal endangers the safety of Israel and the world, calling it a “bad deal” that enables Tehran to develop a nuclear bomb.
“The nuclear deal with Iran doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb. It actually paves Iran’s path to the bomb,” Netanyahu declared.” Iran can get to the bomb by keeping the deal or Iran could get to the bomb by violating the deal.” Netanyahu, one of the fiercest critics of the nuclear accord, also disputed Obama’s claim that opponents of the diplomatic deal favor war. He called that claim “utterly false,” stating, “I oppose this deal because I want to prevent war, and this deal will bring war.”
Netanyahu outlined “fatal flaws” in the deal in an effort to dispel “some of the misinformation” and “disinformation” about Israel’s position.
“The deal that was supposed to end nuclear proliferation will actually trigger nuclear proliferation,” he insisted. “It will trigger an arms race, a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, the most volatile part of the planet. That’s a real nightmare.”
“But the deal’s dangers don’t end there,” he warned. “The deal gives Iran also a massive infusion of cash and Iran will use this cash to fund its aggression in the region and its terrorism around the world. As a result of this deal, there’ll be more terrorism. There will be more attacks. And more people will die.”
Hezbollah supporter holds photo of Islamic Revolution founder Ayatollah Khomeini (L) and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Even if Iran invests only 10 percent of the money for terrorism, “that’s 10 percent of nearly half a trillion dollars that Iran is expected to receive over the next 10 to 15 years,” the Israeli leader affirmed. “That’s a staggering amount of money.”
“Israelis are going to be the ones who pay the highest price if there’s war and if Iran gets the bomb,” he continued.
In Israel, opposition to the deal is not a partisan issue, the premier said. “Isaac Herzog, the Leader of the Labor Opposition, the man who ran against me in this year’s election and who works every day in the Knesset to bring down my government, Herzog has said that there is no daylight between us when it comes to the deal with Iran.”
“This isn’t about me. And it’s not about President Obama,” he said, stressing that the issue is not personal. “It’s about the deal.”
“Don’t let the deal’s supporters quash a real debate,” Netanyahu asserted. “The issue here is too important. Don’t let them take your voice away at this critical moment in history. What we do now will affect our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren – in Israel, in America, everywhere. This is a time to stand up and be counted. Oppose this dangerous deal.”
Earlier this week, Obama held a conference call organized by liberal, non-mainstream American Jewish organizations, offering talking points to defend the deal and urging them to garner support through financial donations and advocacy. There was no opportunity for questions.
Hours after Netanyahu’s address, Obama held a meeting with Jewish leaders at the White House in an attempt to persuade them to adopt the opposite position championed by Netanyahu. By: Max Gelber, United with Israel
Obama: Nuclear Deal with Iran or Rockets on Tel Aviv! In a meeting to promote the Iran nuclear deal, Obama warned American Jewish leaders that if the agreement is cancelled, there will be war and rockets will rain on Tel Aviv.
continuing in his effort to rally support for the Iran nuclear deal, US President Barack Obama met privately for more than two hours with Jewish leaders at the White House on Tuesday evening, making a detailed case for the accord and urging opponents — including some in the room — to “stick to the facts in making their own arguments,” according to participants.
Obama referred to tens of millions of dollars being spent by critics, most notably the pro-Israel group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The president’s meeting came just hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated in a live webcast aimed at Americans Jews, arranged by the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. The Israeli leader railed against the agreement, calling it a “bad deal” that leaves Tehran on the brink of a bomb.
Greg Rosenbaum of the National Jewish Democratic Council was one of 20 Jewish leaders who attended the meeting. He told Israel Radio that Obama said that American military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities is “not going to result in Iran deciding to have a full-fledged war with the United States.”
Instead, the president reportedly threatened, “You’ll see more support for terrorism. You’ll see Hezbollah rockets falling on Tel Aviv.”
“I can assure you that Israel will bear the brunt of the assymetrical response that Iran will have to a military strike on its nuclear facilities,” Obama stated, adding that he had invited Netanyahu to discuss increased US military assistance but that the Israeli leader declined.
Participants at the White House meeting who oppose the agreement raised raised their concerns at being painted as eager for war. Obama continued to argue that if Congress rejects the agreement, he or the next president will be forced to consider taking military action to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Netanyahu Congress
PM Netanyahu speaks before a joint meeting of Congress. (AP/J. Scott Applewhite)
Obama described the deal as “historic,” adding that it would prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. He also stressed that the US will continue to support and help strengthen Israel’s security.
The back-to-back sales pitches from the leaders came on the eve of a foreign policy address Obama was to deliver as he seeks to bolster support for the deal in Congress. A White House official said Obama would frame lawmakers’ decision to approve or disapprove of the deal as the most consequential foreign policy debate since the decision to go to war in Iraq.
The official said Obama would also argue that those who backed the Iraq war, which is now widely seen as a mistake, are the same ones who oppose the Iran deal.
Enough Votes for Obama’s Deal?
The White House is preparing for the likelihood that lawmakers will vote against the deal next month and is focusing its lobbying efforts on getting enough Democrats to sustain a veto. Only one chamber of Congress is needed to so do.
Obama spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday that the White House is confident it can sustain a veto “at least in the House.”
US Congress. The president got a boost in the Senate Tuesday with Senators Barbara Boxer of California, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Bill Nelson of Florida announcing their support for the deal. However, the administration lost the backing of three prominent Jewish Democrats — New York Reps. Steve Israel and Nita Lowey and Florida Rep. Ted Deutch.
Obama, who has long been criticized for his lack of engagement with Congress, has become personally involved in selling the deal to lawmakers and other influential groups. Those who have met with him say it seems to be his top foreign policy priority.
“It was pretty solid evidence of a couple of things: first of all, just how engaged the president is on this issue, and second, how important it is to him,” said Andrew Weinstein, a South Florida community leader who attended the meeting.
Also among the roughly two-dozen leaders joining Obama in the Cabinet Room were Michael Kassen and Lee Rosenberg of AIPAC, which is vehemently opposed to the deal, as well as Jeremy Ben-Ami of the left-wing J Street, who is among the deal’s most vocal proponents. The White House said representatives from the Orthodox Union (OU), the Reform Movement, the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) also attended.
By: AP and United with Israel Staff
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  • Snowden: Nsa può scardinare privacy web, Guardian e Nyt, programma per violare sistemi criptati. 05 settembre, 21:36. (ANSA) - NEW YORK, Le agenzie di intelligence Usa e Gb, con la Nsa in prima fila, hanno sconfitto la privacy e la sicurezza di internet scardinando i sistemi di protezione criptati che proteggono e-mail, conti bancari e cartelle mediche. Lo rivelano Guardian e New York Times sulla base di dati passati dalla "talpa" Edward Snowden. Il programma Usa, con supercomputer, trucchi tecnici e ingiunzioni legali, secondo gli esperti di sicurezza del Web, "mette a rischio l'intero tessuto di Internet". -- ANSWER -- tutto questo, non è un novità per me, io sono una vittima, di 666 DATAGATE, ANNI DI LAVORO? DISTRUTTI! ma, DIO VEDE E PROVVEDE!
  • HolyJHWHsanto 12 ore fa
    ["Obama ci farà respirare, i gas tossici, dei depositi colpiti, per punirci dei gas, che, già abbiamo respirato?": 4 suore in Siria, contro, la guerra, del "Maligno" Rothschild FMI, Bush, 322, Kerry, che in questi tempi, si sta dando veramente da fare.] Oggi non abbiamo parole, se non quelle dei salmi che la preghiera liturgica ci mette sulle labbra in questi giorni: «Minaccia la belva dei canneti, il branco dei tori con i vitelli dei popoli... o Dio disperdi i popoli che amano la guerra...». «Il Signore dal cielo ha guardato la terra, per ascoltare il gemito del prigioniero, per liberare i condannati a morte»... «ascolta o Dio la voce del mio lamento, dal terrore del nemico preserva la mia vita; proteggimi dalla congiura degli empi, dal tumulto dei malvagi. Affilano la loro lingua come spada, scagliano come frecce parole amare...

YouTube Rewind 2012

warning INDIA: warning] 06/07/2013 BANGLADESH. Dinajpur: dozens of extremists raid seminary, attacking rector and some students. A mob of about sixty people attacked the building, violently beating Fr. Uzzal and some seminarians. Previously they had attacked a tribal Catholic village, stealing cows, goats, utensils. And threatened to burn homes. On June 5, the parish of Tumilia under attack. DhakA, A mob of dozens has raided a seminary of the diocese of Dinajpur, northern Bangladesh, injuring the rector and a group of students inside the building at the time of the attack. The raid took place at 3 pm yesterday. Christians in Andhra Pradesh targeted by Hindu extremists. Sajan George, head of the Global Council of Indian Christians, complains of a climate of terror imposed by the Rashtriya Swayanmsevak Sang (RSS). On Wednesday, more than 50 extremists attacked the Protestant community in Mandal (Hyderabad). Six pastors were beaten and left unconscious. authorities failed to intervene.
    See also 02/28/2013 EGYPT Egypt, Christian Churches abandon "useless" dialogue with President 02/23/2013 EGYPT The silent Islamization of Egyptian society 04/06/2013 EGYPT Egypt: Islamist Muslim Brotherhood set sights on al-Azhar 12/12/2012 EGYPT Cairo, Muslim, Christian, secular and veiled women march for democracy 11/24/2011 EGYPT Neither the military nor extremists in the new Egypt, says young Copt
    @my JHWH -- con le buone o con le cattive? loro si accorgeranno, che, il pianeta è il mio regno

    RFID come Verichip 666 [Copyright © tldm . org] As approved by the FDA, a class II implantable device is an "implantable radio frequency transponder system for patient identification and health information." Eventually everyone will be implanted with a chip. The Technology for the Mark of the Beast is Here Now - Smart Skin... And it will cause all, the small and the great, and the poor, and the free and the bond to have a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads and it will bring it about that no one may be able to buy or sell, except him who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of its name. Apocalypse 13:16-17 Confraternity Edition Bible 1941 -- ANSWER -- allora, i dittatori, (massoni bildenberg farisei) che fingono: dietro la FALSA, democrazia americana, sono i complici dei demoni, sono i SATANISTI, i traditori: di tutto il genere umano.. questo è importante: per noi: attraverso: il RFID, di dimostrare scientificamente: la esistenza dei demoni

    RFID come Verichip 666 [Copyright © tldm . org] These Last Days News - February 13, 2013 Will the Mandatory Microchip in Obamacare End Up Being the Mark of the Beast? On March 23, 2013 the microchip in the Affordable Care Act of 2010 will become mandatory. There's a pretty startling thing in the bill that 95% of Americans won't like. Obama Care has a microchip implant for you... The Obama Health care bill includes (under Class II, Paragraph 1, Section B) "(ii) a class II device that is implantable". Then on page 1004 it describes what the term "data" means in paragraph 1, section B: -- answer -- MA, noi possiamo dire, che, mettere: in un millimetro quadrato, un ricetrasmettitore satellitare: è una tecnologia umana? Certo, gli alieni sono terrestri, sono i demoni: che: sono sempre stati: in mezzo a noi, a loro i farisei Illuminati: hanno dato: un corpo geneticamente modificato: da poter essere abitato!

    Becchi (M5S): 'Viviamo un colpo di Stato permanente', Sul blog di Grillo il filosofo vicino ai Cinque Stelle parla di 'fine della democrazia'... [ma, non parla della causa di tutto questo, che è: il signoraggio bancario] 08 giugno, 12:30 --ANSWER -- CON la morte dell'ultimo vero Presidente: degli Stati Uniti, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, che: con l'ordine eecutivo 11110, cercò di liberare il popolo: dalla tirannia bancario massonica dei farisei Illuminati, di private: Rothschild, Rochefeller, ecc.. Società per azioni (S.p.A.):FED, ECB, IMF, noi viviamo: in una congiura massonica permanente! ed il vero obiettivo: di tutto questo: non è la conquista del mondo, ma, sollevare l'era di satana, affinché, satana sia tutto in tutti, che: è il vero obiettivo del NWO. cioè, la riduzione in schiavitù: del mondo degli uomini
    06/07/2013 SYRIA - LEBANON Al-Qusair churches show the signs of the war against Assad and of the religious hatred of the rebels After a year of siege, only some 500 residents are left in town, with most houses now a pile of rubble. Its 3,000 Christian residents are gone, centuries of coexistence in ruin, with the St Elijah monastery desecrated by Islamist militias. TURKEY In Turkey's complicated situation, Erdogan could lose everything by NAT da PolisRecent demonstrations stem from a greater sense of freedom in the middle class created by the economic and political success of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. However, Turkish society could unravel as a result of his arrogance, if nothing is done to correct it. Standing guard for the West, Turkey is not a traditional Muslim nation, but a highly diversified society.
    [warning INDIA: warning] 06/07/2013 BANGLADESH. Dinajpur: dozens of extremists raid seminary, attacking rector and some students. A mob of about sixty people attacked the building, violently beating Fr. Uzzal and some seminarians. Previously they had attacked a tribal Catholic village, stealing cows, goats, utensils. And threatened to burn homes. On June 5, the parish of Tumilia under attack. DhakA, A mob of dozens has raided a seminary of the diocese of Dinajpur, northern Bangladesh, injuring the rector and a group of students inside the building at the time of the attack. The raid took place at 3 pm yesterday. Christians in Andhra Pradesh targeted by Hindu extremists. Sajan George, head of the Global Council of Indian Christians, complains of a climate of terror imposed by the Rashtriya Swayanmsevak Sang (RSS). On Wednesday, more than 50 extremists attacked the Protestant community in Mandal (Hyderabad). Six pastors were beaten and left unconscious. authorities failed to intervene.
    See also 02/28/2013 EGYPT Egypt, Christian Churches abandon "useless" dialogue with President 02/23/2013 EGYPT The silent Islamization of Egyptian society 04/06/2013 EGYPT Egypt: Islamist Muslim Brotherhood set sights on al-Azhar 12/12/2012 EGYPT Cairo, Muslim, Christian, secular and veiled women march for democracy 11/24/2011 EGYPT Neither the military nor extremists in the new Egypt, says young Copt
    @my JHWH -- con le buone o con le cattive? loro si accorgeranno, che, il pianeta è il mio regno
    06/07/2013 [Obama puppet actor, IMF-NWO, sharia no comment] INDONESIA. Indonesian Islamists "cancel" bikini walk, 2013 Miss World contestants to wear sarong. The 2013 contest is set for September in Bali and Bogor. In recent weeks, radical Islamists staged protests against the beauty contest because it is against "Islamic values". Jakarta governor, a moderate Muslim, is also against the bikini. The decision to drop the bikini walk was taken to avoid violence. Jakarta (AsiaNews) - Bikinis have been banned at this year's Miss World Pageant, the popular international beauty contest and showcase that opens the door to the world of entertainment and fashion. The 2013 edition is scheduled for September in Bali and Bogor, a controversial choice opposed by local Islamists, backed by some in government and civil society, who want it stopped because contrary to Muslim principles and morality.
    [Obama puppet actor, IMF-NWO, sharia no comment] To avoid incidents and prevent the cancellation of the event, which is what happened to a concert by pop icon Lady Gaga considered too sexy for Islamists, pageant organisers decided to upset no one. In lieu of the usual bathing suits, contestants will wear a traditional "sarong" (length of silk or cotton fabric, wrapped around the waist, worn by men and women) when they are on the stage. In recent weeks, the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI) led a moralisation campaign for the cancellation of the contest, issuing warnings and threats against the event. Such a position reflects a broadly held view in Indonesian society, including moderate politicians like Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo, who said that the bikini was "inconsistent" with Indonesian values. In view of such reactions, Miss World Pageant president Julia Morley made some "adjustments" to the contest, so that all 137 contestants will wear a sarong.
    [Obama puppet actor, IMF-NWO, sharia no comment] Bali, a famous tourist resort favoured in the West, is one of the scheduled venues for the pageant. Here, wearing a bikini or going topless has never been a big deal. However, the same cannot be said about Bogor, the main site of the contest, scene of frequent Islamist acts of violence and abuse. Over the past few years for example, Islamists and local authorities have put pressures on local Christians, forcing the closure of the GKI Yasmin Protestant Church. Similarly, in the past few years, Indonesian authorities have repeatedly given in to pressures by the MUI, which acts as the custodian of the nation's "manners and morals". One example is Aceh, a province ruled by Islamic radicals, where women cannot wear tight pants or skirts. In March 2011, the MUI lashed out at flag-raising, claiming that "Muhammad never did it".
    [Obama puppet actor, IMF-NWO, sharia no comment] Before that, it issued anathemas against yoga, smoking, and the right to vote, particularly for women, as well as Facebook, the popular social networking service it deems "amoral". 06/07/2013. EGYPT. Intellectuals protest against the Islamization of Egyptian culture. Hundreds stationed for days in front of the Ministry of Culture. Writers, directors, singers and actors calling for the resignation of the new Minister Alaa Abdel Aziz. Dozens of officials dismissed for political reasons. Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies) - Intellectuals, writers, journalists, filmmakers, and celebrities are protesting against the Islamization of Egyptian culture. Since last June 5th hundreds of people have been stationed in front of the Ministry of Culture, to demand the resignation of the new Minister Alaa Abdel Aziz accused of firing dozens of officials for no reason other than the fact they were not linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    [Obama puppet actor, IMF-NWO, sharia no comment] Among the protesters who have joined the sit-in is novelist Sonallah Ibrahim, famous for having refused a prestigious State award in 2003, because of his opposition to the Mubarak regime, the director Khaled Youssef, known for his constant opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood , film producer Mohamed al-Adl and actors Nabil al-Halfawy, Mahmoud Qabil and Sameh al-Seriety, the poet Sayed Hegab and the important novelist Bahaa Taher. The event comes after the three-day strike organized by the employees of Cairo Opera against the policies of Abdel Aziz. On 7 May the President Mohamed Morsi presented the members of the new government cabinet, handing nine ministries to political personalities affiliated to his Freedom and Justice Party.
    [Obama puppet actor, IMF-NWO, sharia no comment] Morsi appointed Ahmed Issa Ahmed, an expert on Islamic and Coptic culture as Minister of Antiquities. The choice contrasts with the custom that has always attributed its management of the national ministry for culture to internationally recognized intellectuals and experts in Egyptian archeology. Cain 666 Obama where are your brothers, the Christian martyrs? Obama dove sono i tuoi fratelli, i martiri cristiani?
    @my JHWH -- 666 IMF-NWO, they not be able to do, again, the face of the whores.. alleluia
    WASHINGTON, 8 de junio. en un resort de California: la cumbre informal: de: presidente de EE.UU. Barack Obama, y su china: contraparte homóloga [porque, contraparte homóloga? Obama: sólo: un actor, una marioneta: del FMI-NWO, masónico oculta poderes Bildenberg 666], Xi Jinping. Obama reiteró: la importancia del tema de los derechos humanos (que: los satanistas: y la Liga Árabe: conocer cada día). El presidente de los EE.UU.: se enfrentó también el espinoso tema: la piratería:'' Con China: tenemos la intención de trabajar: sí: en los problemas: la seguridad cibernética (porque, nosotros con la ingeniería extranjera, el microchip, somos mucho más inteligente)'' - RESPUESTA - siempre, trabajando juntos, pero entonces, el FMI-NWO, es robar SIEMPRE, SOLO:. asesinos regresan a la soberanía monetaria a todos los pueblos
    WASHINGTON, 8. Juni. in einem Resort in Kalifornien: die informellen Gipfel: ab: US-Präsident Barack Obama und seinem chinesischen: homologen Gegenstück [weil homologen Gegenstück? Obama: nur: ein Schauspieler, eine Marionette: der IWF-NWO, Freimaurer okkulten Kräfte Bildenberg 666], Xi Jinping. Obama bekräftigte: die Bedeutung des Themas Menschenrechte (dass seine Satanisten: und seine Arabische Liga: Treffen jeden Tag). Der US-Präsident: Er konfrontiert, auch das heikle Thema: die Hacker:'' Mit China: Wir wollen arbeiten: zusammen: zu den Problemen: die Cyber-Sicherheit (weil uns mit dem Engineering-alien, der Mikrochip sind wir viel klüger)'' - ANTWORT - IMMER ZUSAMMEN ARBEITEN wir, aber dann, IWF-NWO wird IMMER stehlen ALLEIN:. Attentäter zurück die monetäre Souveränität aller Völker
    新華社華盛頓6月8日。在加州度假:非正式首腦會議:美國總統奧巴馬和他的中國同源對口[因為同源對口?奧巴馬:只有一個演員,一個傀儡:IMF-NWO,共濟會的神秘的力量Bildenberg666]習近平。奧巴馬重申:人權主題的重要性(即:他的撒旦教徒和他的阿拉伯國家聯盟:天天見面)。美國總統:他也面臨棘手的問題:隨著中國的黑客:"我們打算工作:在一起:問題:網絡安全(因為,我們的工程外星人,微晶片,我們高明得多)。" - 答案 - 一如既往,我們一起工作,但是,那麼,IMF-NWO,總是偷,獨自一人:刺客返回所有人民的主權貨幣
    WASHINGTON 6 월 8 일.비공식 정상 회담 :에서 : 버락 오바마 미국 대통령과 그의 중국어 : 상동 대응 [상동 대응 때문에 캘리포니아 리조트? 오바마 : 전용입니다 : 배우, 인형 : IMF-NWO의, 프리메이슨 신비로운 힘 Bildenberg 666] 시진핑. 오바마 반복 : 인권의 주제의 중요성 (즉 : 자신의 사탄 주의자 : 자신의 아랍 연맹 : 매일 만나).미국 대통령 : 우리는 엔지니어링 외계인, 마이크로 칩, 우리가 있기 때문에 사이버 보안 (: 해킹 : 중국과 '' : 우리가 일을하려는 : 함께 : 문제에 그 역시 어려운 문제에 직면 훨씬 더 영리한) '- 답 - 항상, 우리는 함께 작동하지만, THEN, IMF-NWO, 혼자, 항상 STEAL됩니다. 암살자는 모든 사람들에게 금융 주권을 반환
    WASHINGTON, 8 Juin. dans une station Californie: le sommet informel: à partir de: Le président américain Barack Obama et son chinois: homologue homologue [parce que, homologue homologue? Obama: c'est seulement: un acteur, une marionnette: de FMI-NWO, maçonnique occulte pouvoirs Bildenberg 666], Xi Jinping. Obama a réaffirmé: l'importance du thème des droits de l'homme (qui: ses satanistes: et sa Ligue arabe: rencontrer tous les jours). Le président américain: il a fait face, elle aussi, la question épineuse: le hacking:'' Avec la Chine: nous avons l'intention de travailler: ensemble: sur les problèmes: la cyber-sécurité (parce que, nous le génie étranger, la puce, nous sommes beaucoup plus intelligent)'' - RÉPONSE - toujours, nous travaillons ensemble, mais, là, le FMI-NWO, est toujours voler, ALONE:. assassins retour à la souveraineté monétaire à tous les peuples
    WASHINGTON, June 8. in a California resort: the informal summit: from: U.S. President Barack Obama, and his Chinese: homologous counterpart [because, homologous counterpart? Obama:is only: an actor, a puppet: of IMF-NWO, masonic occult powers Bildenberg 666], Xi Jinping. Obama reiterated: the importance of the theme of human rights (that: his Satanists: and his Arab League: meet every day). The U.S. president: he faced, too, the thorny issue: the hacking:'' With China: we intend to work: together: on the problems: the cyber security (because, us with the engineering alien, the microchip?, we are much more clever).'' - ANSWER - ALWAYS, we WORKING TOGETHER, BUT, THEN, IMF-NWO, is STEAL ALWAYS, ALONE: assassins return the monetary sovereignty to all peoples
    WASHINGTON, 8 GIU - Ha preso il via: in un resort californiano: il summit informale:tra: il presidente Usa Barack Obama: ed il suo omologo cinese [perché, omologo? Obama è: soltanto: un attore: un burattino, del FMI-NWO, i 666 poteri occulti bildenberg], Xi Jinping. I due hanno discusso: di una ''nuova cooperazione'', mentre: Obama ha ribadito: l'importanza: del tema: dei diritti umani (che: suoi satanisti: e sua Lega Araba: rispettano tutti i giorni). Il presidente Usa: ha affrontato, anche, la spinosa questione: degli atti di pirateria informatica: ''Con la Cina: intendiamo lavorare: assieme: sui problemi legati: alla cyber sicurezza(perché, noi con la ingegneria aliena, del microchip?, noi siamo molto più furbi)''. --ANSWER -- SI LAVORA SEMPRE INSIEME, MA, POI SI RUBA SEMPRE DA SOLO: assassini restituite la sovranità monetaria ai popoli
    June 7. NEW YORK. Use: college shooting in California. At least 3 injured. A catch. In the same hour: Obama in town. 08 June, NEW YORK. Use: massacre in Santa Monica, 7 dead: Horror on the streets, firing wildly insane, and is killed --- ANSWER - YOU HAVE DESTROYED THE JEWISH-CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION, you have stolen, for the sake of the Pharisees IMF, monetary sovereignty, and peoples, are desperate, confused, hopeless, because, they no longer have an identity .. . NEW YORK. Usa: sparatoria in college California. Almeno 3 feriti. Un fermo. Nelle stesse ore: Obama in città. 08 giugno, NEW YORK. Usa: strage a Santa Monica, 7 morti: Terrore per le strade, folle spara all'impazzata, e viene ucciso --- ANSWER -- AVETE DISTRUTTO LA CIVILTÀ EBRAICO-CRISTIANA, avete rubato, per amore dei farisei, la sovranità monetaria, e le persone sono disperate, confuse, senza speranza, perché, non hanno più una identità..

    [all demons into hell, are enemy of Israel] 322 666 IMF FED ECB Bildenberg why all masonic system. Kerry Bush agenda Rothschild, Albert Pike, most criminal into hell, USA IMF-NWO NATO, masonic system: transfer for criminal, scam: banking seigniorage, they Support: sharia horror Worldwide Caliphate, ie, international criminal sharia imperialism, of: Al Qaeda Arab League's betrayal Nazi? is for destroy Israel: into World War III: do the schavizzazione for all peoples, for the global control occult micro-chip.! @ criminal idiot, King Saudi Arabia - do you remove sharia for free: slave dhimmis, murderess of: all christians martyrs: in Jesus's name! leeches, motherfuckers parasites, thieves, liars, soffocatori of all peoples, to push people to suicide

    perché. agenda Bildenberg: USA FMI-NWO NATO, sistema massonico: Califfato mondiale di supporto, cioè, penale internazionale sharia imperialismo Al Qaeda della Lega Araba? è per distruggere Israele nella terza guerra mondiale! @ penale re dell'Arabia Saudita - si rimuove la sharia! why. agenda bildenberg: USA IMF-NWO NATO, masonic system: Support Worldwide Caliphate, ie, criminal international sharia imperialism Al Quaeda of League Arab? is for destroy Israel into World War III! @criminal king Saudi Arabia -- you remove sharia for do free: slave dhimmi, all christians martyrs! pourquoi. agenda bildenberg: USA FMI-NWO OTAN, le système maçonnique: Support califat mondial, soit pénale internationale charia impérialisme Al Quaeda de la Ligue arabe? est de détruire Israël dans la troisième guerre mondiale! @ criminelle roi Arabie Saoudite - vous retirez la charia pour faire libre: esclave dhimmi, tous les martyrs chrétiens!

    EIhhhh, Salafi Islamist terrorist ERDOGAN: I have found: a suitable job for you: [A.Saudita: lack Executioner professionals. This was written by AsiaNews. Hypothesis shooting in place beheading] after all: I am not think, That, you will find a shopping center, available to build, over the corpses, That, you wanted .. there are no more: the happy times: of the Armenian genocide. It's time to become, aware of: the illegal criminal activity, that: The Arab League is doing: all over the world, and is the same: Sharia criminal, in disproportionate, unfair, ratio, without, reciprocity,, and without freedom of religion, to report Their conspiracy. against all the human race.

    MOSCOU, 7 de juny - La policia russa va detenir: avui: al voltant de 300 persones, es van reunir en un sol lloc: Oració: islàmics a Moscou, en el marc d'una ofensiva comandada pel president Vladímir Putin, en contra: Radical Islam: un any, a partir dels Jocs Olímpics d'Hivern , a Sotxi: el programa: en una regió veïna: la problemàtica del Caucas rus: una majoria musulmana. Entre els detinguts hi ha 170 estrangers, han informat els serveis, la seguretat interna (FSB). Textos confiscats: i material de propaganda: el contingut extremista''''. - RESPOSTA - És hora d'arribar a ser, en compte: l'activitat criminal il · legal, que: La Lliga Àrab està fent: a tot el món, i és el mateix: penal Sharia, a desproporcionada, injusta, ràtio, sense, la reciprocitat, i sense llibertat de religió, per informar de la seva conspiració. contra tota la raça humana.

    MOSKVA, June 7 - Ruski policija uhapsila je: danas: oko 300 ljudi, okupilo se na jednom mjestu: Molitva: Islamska u Moskvi, protiv pozadina, a obračun je komandovao predsjednik Vladimir Putin, protiv: Radical Islam: godinu dana, od zimske olimpijske igre , u Sočiju: program: u susjednoj regiji: problematičnog Ruski Kavkaz: muslimanska većina. Među, zatočenici su 170 stranaca, izvještavaju usluge, unutarnje sigurnosti (FSB). Oduzeta tekstova: i propagandni materijal: sadržaj'' ekstremista''. - ODGOVOR - Vrijeme je da postane, svjesni: nezakonite kriminalne aktivnosti, da: Arapska liga se radi: u cijelom svijetu, te je isti: Šerijatski zločinac, u nesrazmjeran, nepravedan, odnos, bez, reciprocitet, i bez slobode vjeroispovijesti, da prijave svoje zavjere. protiv svih ljudske rase.

    ՄՈՍԿՎԱ, 7 հունիսի - Ռուս ոստիկանները ձերբակալել: Այսօր շուրջ 300 մարդ, հավաքվել են մեկ տեղում: Աղոտք: Islamic Մոսկվայում դեմ ֆոնի վրա հետապնդում պատուիրեցի նախագահ Վլադիմիր Պուտինի դեմ: Արմատական ​​Islam: մեկ տարի է, ձմեռային օլիմպիական խաղերում - ին, Սոչիում: ծրագիրն

    է հարեւան տարածաշրջանում անհանգիստ Russian Կովկաս մահմեդական մեծամասնություն. Թվում է, որ կալանավորները կան 170 օտարերկրացիներ, որոնք ՀՀ են ծառայություններ, ներքին անվտանգության (FSB) Խլել տեքստերը եւ քարոզչական նյութեր: բովանդակությունը'' ծայրահեղական''.

    - ՊԱՏԱՍԽԱՆ - Ժամանակն է, գիտակցում է `ապօրինի քրեական գործունեության մեջ, որ Արաբական Լիգայի անում: ամբողջ աշխարհում, եւ նույնն Sharia հանցագործին, եւ անհամաչափ, անարդար, հարաբերություն, առանց, փոխադարձության, եւ առանց կրոնի ազատության, հաղորդել են դավադրություն. դեմ բոլոր մարդկային ցեղի.

    موسكو، 7 يونيو - اعتقلت الشرطة الروسية: اليوم: حوالي 300 شخص، تجمعوا في مكان واحد: الصلاة: إسلامي في موسكو، على خلفية حملة بقيادة الرئيس فلاديمير بوتين، ضد: الإسلام الراديكالي: سنة واحدة، من دورة الالعاب الاولمبية الشتوية ، في سوتشي: برنامج: في منطقة مجاورة: المضطربة الروسية القوقاز: أغلبية مسلم. بين، وأفادت المعتقلين هناك 170 أجانب، والخدمات، والأمن الداخلي (FSB)

    . النصوص المضبوطة: والمواد الدعائية: مضمون'''' المتطرفة. - جواب - لقد حان الوقت لتصبح، على علم: النشاط الإجرامي غير قانوني، ما يلي: إن الجامعة العربية بهذا الأمر: في جميع أنحاء العالم، وهو نفس: الجنائية الشريعة، في غير متناسب وغير عادلة، نسبة، دون والمعاملة بالمثل، و دون حرية الدين، تقريرا تآمرها. ضد كل الجنس البشري.

    MOSKË, 7 qershor - Policia ruse ndaluan: sot: rreth 300 njerëz, u mblodhën në një vend: lutjes islame në Moskë, kundër sfondit të një goditje të urdhëruar nga presidenti Vladimir Putin, kundër: Islami radikal: një vit nga Lojërat Olimpike Dimërore , në Soçi: Programi: në një rajon fqinjë: trazuar ruse Kaukaz: a shumicë myslimane. Ndër, të arrestuarit nuk janë 170 të huajt, kanë raportuar të shërbimeve, të brendshëm të sigurisë (FSB). Tekstet e sekuestruara: dhe materiale propagandistike: Përmbajtja'''' ekstremist. - PËRGJIGJE - Është koha për të bërë, i vetëdijshëm: e veprimtarisë ilegale kriminale, se: Liga Arabe është duke bërë: në të gjithë botën, dhe është e njëjtë: kriminel Sheriatit, në joproporcional, raport të padrejtë,, pa, reciprocitetit, dhe pa lirinë e fesë, të raportojë për konspiracion tyre. kundër tërë gjinisë njerëzore.

    Moskou, Junie 7 - Russiese polisie aangehou vandag: ongeveer 300 mense, op een plek versamel: Gebed: Islamitiese in Moskou, teen die agtergrond van 'n onderdrukking beveel deur President Vladimir Poetin, teen radikale Islam: een jaar, van die Olimpiese Spele , in Sochi: die program: in 'n naburige streek: die ontsteld Russiese Kaukasus: 'n Moslem meerderheid. Onder, het die aangehoudenes daar is 170 buitelanders, berig die dienste, interne veiligheid (RFD). Beslag gelê op tekste: en propaganda materiaal: inhoud'' ekstremistiese''. - Antwoord - Dit is tyd om te word, bewus van: die onwettige kriminele aktiwiteite, dat: Die Arabiese Liga doen: oor die hele wêreld, en is dieselfde: Sharia kriminele, in verhouding, onregverdige, verhouding, sonder, wederkerigheid, en sonder vryheid van godsdiens, hul sameswering aan te meld. teen al die menslike ras.

    MOSCOW, ngày 07 tháng 6 - Cảnh sát Nga bắt giữ hôm nay: khoảng 300 người, Trong số, những người bị bắt có 170 người nước ngoài, đã báo cáo các dịch vụ, an ninh nội bộ (FSB). Các văn bản thu giữ: và vật liệu tuyên truyền: nội dung cực đoan''''. - ĐÁP - Đó là thời gian để trở thành, nhận thức: các hoạt động tội phạm bất hợp pháp, rằng: Liên đoàn Ả Rập đang làm: tất cả các nơi trên thế giới, và là như nhau: hình sự Sharia, trong không cân xứng, không công bằng, tỷ lệ, mà không, có đi có lại, và không có tự do tôn giáo, báo cáo âm mưu của họ. chống lại tất cả nhân loại.

    Moszkva, június 7 - az orosz rendőrség őrizetbe vett: ma: mintegy 300 ember gyűlt össze egy helyen: Prayer: Islamic Moszkvában, háttérben az a megtorlás parancsnoksága alatt Vlagyimir Putyin elnök ellen: radikális iszlám: egy év, a téli olimpia , Szocsiban: a program: a szomszédos régióban: a bajba jutott orosz Kaukázusban: a muzulmán többség. Között, a fogvatartottak már 170 külföldi, arról számoltak be, a szolgáltatások, a belső biztonság (FSB). Lefoglalt szövegek: és propaganda anyaga: tartalmi'' szélsőséges''. - Válasz - Itt az ideje, hogy legyen, tisztában: az illegális bűncselekmény, hogy: Az Arab Liga is csinál: a világ minden tájáról, és ugyanaz: saria bűnöző, az aránytalan, igazságtalan, ratio nélkül, a kölcsönösség, és a nélkül a vallásszabadságot, hogy jelentsék összeesküvés. ellen az emberi faj.

    MOSKOVA, 7 Haziran - gözaltına Rus polisi: Bugün: tek bir yerde toplanan yaklaşık 300 kişi,: Namaz: Devlet Başkanı Vladimir Putin tarafından komuta bir darbe zemininde karşı, Moskova İslam, karşı: Radikal İslam: Bir yıllık, Kış Olimpiyatları , Soçi'de: Program: komşu bir bölgede: sorunlu Rus Kafkas: Müslüman çoğunluk. Arasında, 170 yabancılar vardır tutuklu, hizmetleri, iç güvenlik (FSB) bildirdin. El konulma tarihi metinleri: ve propaganda malzemesi: içerik'' aşırı''. - - CEVAP Bu, farkına zamanı:, yasadışı suç bu: tüm dünyada ve aynı: Arap Birliği yapıyor Şeriat ceza, orantısız, haksız, oran, karşılıklılık, olmadan, ve din olmadan özgürlüğü, onların komplo rapor etmek. tüm insan ırkına karşı.

    MOSKAU, 7. Juni - Russische Polizei festgenommen: heute: ca. 300 Personen, in einem Ort versammelt: Gebet: Islamic in Moskau, vor dem Hintergrund einer Razzia von Präsident Vladimir Putin befahl, gegen: Radical Islam: ein Jahr, von den Olympischen Winterspielen , in Sotschi: Das Programm: in einer benachbarten Region: die unruhigen russischen Kaukasus: ein muslimischer Mehrheit. Unter, haben die Gefangenen gibt es 170 Ausländer, die Dienste, die innere Sicherheit (FSB) berichtet. Sichergestellte Texte: und Propagandamaterial: content'' extremistische''. - ANTWORT - Es ist Zeit, um sich, bewusst: die illegale kriminelle Aktivitäten, dass: Die Arabische Liga ist dabei: auf der ganzen Welt und ist das gleiche: Sharia kriminell, in unverhältnismäßig, ungerecht, Verhältnis, ohne Gegenseitigkeit und ohne die Freiheit der Religion, um ihre Verschwörung berichten. gegen alle der menschlichen Rasse.

    MOSKVA 7 juni - ryska polisens förvar: idag: ca 300 personer, samlade på ett ställe: Bön: islamiska i Moskva, mot bakgrund av ett nedslag befallt av president Vladimir Putin, emot: Radical Islam: ett år, från vinter-OS , i Sochi: programmet: i en angränsande region: den oroliga ryska Kaukasus: en muslimsk majoritet. Bland, har fångarna Det finns 170 utlänningar, rapporterade tjänster, inre säkerhet (FSB). Beslagtagna texter: och propagandamaterial: innehåll'' extremist''. - SVAR - Det är dags att bli medveten om: den illegala brottslig verksamhet, som: Arabförbundet gör: över hela världen, och är detsamma: Sharia brottsling, i oproportionerligt, orättvis, förhållande, utan, ömsesidighet, och utan religionsfrihet, att anmäla sin konspiration. mot alla mänskliga rasen.
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    MOSCU, 7 de junio - La policía rusa detuvo: hoy: alrededor de 300 personas, se reunieron en un solo lugar: Oración: islámicos en Moscú, en el marco de una ofensiva comandada por el presidente Vladimir Putin, en contra: Radical Islam: un año, a partir de los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno , en Sochi: el programa: en una región vecina: la problemática del Cáucaso ruso: una mayoría musulmana. Entre los detenidos hay 170 extranjeros, han informado los servicios, la seguridad interna (FSB). Textos incautados: y material de propaganda: el contenido extremista''''. - RESPUESTA - Es hora de llegar a ser, en cuenta: la actividad criminal ilegal, que: La Liga Árabe está haciendo: en todo el mundo, y es el mismo: penal Sharia, en desproporcionada, injusta, ratio, sin, la reciprocidad, y sin libertad de religión, para informar de su conspiración. contra toda la raza humana.

    MOSKVA, junij 7 - Ruska policija pridržani: danes: okoli 300 ljudi, zbrani na enem mestu: Molitev: islamska v Moskvi, v luči za zatrtje poveljeval predsednika Vladimirja Putina, proti: Radical Islam: eno leto, od zimskih olimpijskih iger v Sočiju: Program: v sosednji regiji: nemirnem ruskem Kavkazu: muslimanske večine. Med, so priporniki obstajajo 170 tujcev, so sporočili iz službe, notranja varnost (FSB). Zasežena besedila: in propagandni materiali: vsebnost'' skrajnežev''. - ODGOVOR - Čas je, da postane, zavedajo: nezakonite kriminalne dejavnosti, ki: Arabska liga je početje: po vsem svetu, in je enaka: šeriatsko kriminalca, v nesorazmerno, nepoštenega, razmerje, brez, vzajemnosti in brez svobode veroizpovedi, da sporočijo svojo zaroto. proti vsem človeške rase.

    Moskva, 7. júna - Ruská polícia zadržala: dnes: asi 300 ľudí, sa zhromaždili na jednom mieste: Modlitba: Islamské v Moskve na pozadí tvrdom zákroku pod velením prezidenta Vladimira Putina, proti: radikálny islam: jeden rok od zimných olympijských hier , v Soči: program: v susednom regióne: ustarostený ruský Kaukaz: moslimská väčšina. Medzi, zadržanie existuje 170 cudzincov, hlásili služby, vnútornej bezpečnosti (FSB). Zhabané texty: a propagandistický materiál: obsah'''' extrémista. - ODPOVEĎ - Je čas, aby sa stal, vedomý si: na nelegálne trestnej činnosti, ktoré: Arabská liga robí: na celom svete, a je rovnaký: Sharia zločinca v neprimerané, nespravodlivé, pomer bez toho, vzájomnosti a bez sloboda náboženského vyznania, hlásiť ich sprisahania. proti všetkej ľudskej rasy.

    МОСКВА, 7 июня - русская полиция задержала: сегодня: около 300 человек, собрались в одном месте: Молитва: Исламские в Москве, на фоне разгона под командованием президента Владимира Путина, против: Радикальный ислам: один год, от зимних Олимпийских игр , в Сочи: программа: в соседнем регионе: проблемном России Кавказ: мусульманское большинство. Среди, задержанных более 170 иностранцев, сообщили услуг, внутренней безопасности (ФСБ)

    . Изъятые тексты: и пропагандистские материалы: содержание'''' экстремистским. - Ответ - самое время, чтобы стать, знать: незаконной преступной деятельности, что: Лига арабских государств делать: во всем мире, и то же самое: шариат преступника, в непропорционально, несправедливо, отношение, без, взаимность, и без свободы религии, сообщать об их заговоре. против всего человеческого рода.

    MOSCOVA, 07 iunie - Poliția rusă reținut: azi: aproximativ 300 de persoane, s-au adunat într-un singur loc: rugaciune: islamice în Moscova, pe fondul unei represiuni comandat de președintele Vladimir Putin, față de: Islamul radical: un an, de la Jocurile Olimpice de iarnă , la Soci: program: într-o regiune învecinată: tulbure Caucazul rus: o majoritate musulmană. Printre, deținuții există 170 de străini, s-au raportat servicii, de securitate internă (FSB). Texte confiscate: și materiale de propagandă: conținut extremist''''. - RĂSPUNS - E timp pentru a deveni, conștienți de: activitatea criminală ilegale, ca: Liga Arabă face: peste tot în lume, și este același: criminal Sharia, în disproporționate, nedrept, raportul, fara, reciprocitate, și fără libertatea de religie, de a raporta conspirație lor. împotriva tuturor rasei umane.

    MOSCOU, 7 de junho - A polícia russa deteve: Hoje: cerca de 300 pessoas, reunidas em um só lugar: Oração: islâmicos em Moscou, contra o pano de fundo de uma repressão comandada pelo presidente Vladimir Putin, contra: Radical Islam: um ano, a partir da Olimpíada de Inverno , em Sochi: o programa: em uma região vizinha: o conturbado Cáucaso russo: a maioria muçulmana. Entre os detidos, há 170 estrangeiros, informaram os serviços de segurança interna (FSB). Textos e materiais apreendidos: propaganda: conteúdo extremista''''. - Resposta - É hora de tornar-se, ciente: a actividade criminosa ilegal, que: A Liga Árabe está fazendo: em todo o mundo, e é a mesma: criminoso Sharia, em desproporcional, injusto, relação, sem, reciprocidade e sem liberdade de religião, para relatar sua conspiração. contra toda a raça humana.

    MOSKWA, 7 czerwca - Russian zatrzymała policja: dziś: ok. 300 osób, zebrane w jednym miejscu: Modlitwa: Islamskie w Moskwie, na tle rozprawienia dowodzonej przez prezydenta Władimira Putina, przeciw: Radical Islam: jeden rok, z Zimowych Igrzysk Olimpijskich , w Soczi: Program: w sąsiednim regionie: zmartwiony rosyjski Kaukaz: muzułmanie. Wśród, zatrzymani istnieje 170 cudzoziemców, donoszą, usługi, bezpieczeństwa wewnętrznego (FSB). Przejęte teksty: i materiały propagandowe: treść'''' ekstremistą. - ODPOWIEDŹ - Nadszedł czas, aby stać się świadomi: nielegalnej działalności przestępczej, że: Liga Arabska robi: na całym świecie, i jest to samo: szariatu Karnego, w nieproporcjonalnym, nieuczciwe stosunku, bez, wzajemności i bez wolności wyznania, do zgłaszania ich spisek. wobec całej ludzkości.

    MOSKOU, 7 juni - Russische politie: vandaag: ongeveer 300 mensen, verzameld op een plaats: Gebed: Islamitisch in Moskou, tegen de achtergrond van een hardhandig optreden onder bevel van president Vladimir Poetin, tegen: Radical Islam: een jaar, vanaf de Olympische Winterspelen , in Sochi: het programma: in een naburige regio: de onrustige Russische Kaukasus: een moslimmeerderheid. Onder, hebben de gevangenen zijn er 170 buitenlanders, meldde de diensten, interne veiligheid (FSB). Gegrepen teksten: en propagandamateriaal: inhoud'' extremistisch''. - ANTWOORD - Het is tijd om te worden, bewust van: de illegale criminele activiteiten, dat: De Arabische Liga doet: over de hele wereld, en is hetzelfde: sharia strafrecht, in onevenredige, oneerlijk, verhouding, zonder, wederkerigheid en zonder vrijheid van religie, hun samenzwering melden. tegen alle menselijke ras.

    Moskva 7. juni - russisk politi anholdt: i dag: ca 300 personer, samlet på ett sted: Bønn: islamske i Moskva, på bakgrunn av en aksjon ledet av president Vladimir Putin, mot: Radical Islam: ett år, fra vinter-OL , i Sotsji: programmet: i en nærliggende region: den urolige russiske Kaukasus: en muslimsk flertall. Blant har fangene det er 170 utlendinger, rapporterte tjenester, intern sikkerhet (FSB). Fastlåste tekster: og propaganda materiale: innhold'' ekstremistisk''. - SVAR - Det er på tide å bli, klar over: den ulovlige kriminell aktivitet, at: Den arabiske liga gjør: over hele verden, og er den samme: Sharia kriminell, i uforholdsmessig, urettferdig, ratio, uten, gjensidighet, og uten religionsfrihet, å rapportere sine konspirasjon. mot all den menneskelige rase.

    MOSCOW, Ġunju 7 - Russu pulizija arrestat: illum: madwar 300 ruħ, miġbura f'post wieħed: Talb: Islamika f'Moska, fl-isfond ta 'ripressjoni kmanda mill-President Vladimir Putin, kontra: radikali Islam: sena, mill-Olimpjadi tax-Xitwa , f'Sochi: il-programm: f'reġjun ġirien: il-Russu Kawkasu mnikkta: maġġoranza Musulmana. Fost, id-detenuti hemm 170 barranin, irrappurtaw-servizzi, is-sigurtà interna (FSB). Testi maqbuda: u materjal propaganda: kontenut'''' estremisti. - TWEĠIBA - Wasal iż-żmien biex isiru, konxji ta ': l-attività kriminali illegali, li: Il-Lega Għarbija qed tagħmel:-dinja kollha, u huwa l-istess: kriminali Sharia, fil sproporzjonat, inġusta, proporzjon, mingħajr, reċiproċità, u mingħajr il-libertà tar-reliġjon, biex tirrapporta konspirazzjoni tagħhom. kontra l-razza umana.

    MOSCOW, 7 Jun - Polis Rusia menahan: hari ini: kira-kira 300 orang, berkumpul di satu tempat: Doa: Islam di Moscow, di tengah-tengah tindakan keras diperintahkan oleh Presiden Vladimir Putin, terhadap: Radikal Islam: satu tahun, dari Sukan Olimpik Musim Sejuk , dalam Sochi: Program: dalam kawasan jiran: bermasalah Russian Caucasus: majoriti Muslim. Antara, tahanan terdapat 170 warga asing, telah melaporkan perkhidmatan, keselamatan dalam negeri (FSB). Dirampas teks: dan bahan propaganda: kandungan'''' ekstremis. - JAWAPAN - Ia adalah masa untuk menjadi, sedar: aktiviti jenayah haram, bahawa: Liga Arab melakukan: di seluruh dunia, dan adalah sama: jenayah syariah, dalam nisbah yang tidak seimbang, tidak adil, tanpa, timbal balik, dan tanpa kebebasan agama, melaporkan konspirasi mereka. terhadap semua umat manusia.

    Maskva, birželio 7 - Rusijos policija sulaikė: Šiandien apie 300 žmonių, susirinkusių vienoje vietoje: Malda: Islamo Maskvoje, palyginti su dėl susidorojimo vadovauja prezidentas Vladimiras Putinas fone, nuo: radikalusis islamas: vieneri metai nuo žiemos olimpinės žaidynės , Sočyje: programa: kaimyninėje regione: neramus Rusijos Kaukazas: musulmonų dauguma. Tarp sulaikytieji yra 170 užsieniečiai, pranešė paslaugas, vidaus saugumo (FST). Konfiskavo tekstai: ir propagandos medžiaga: turinys'' ekstremistų''. - ATSAKYMAS - Atėjo laikas tapti žinoti: nelegalios nusikalstamos veiklos, kad: Arabų lyga daro: visame pasaulyje, ir yra ta pati: šariato nusikaltėlį, neproporcingai, nesąžininga, santykis, be, abipusiškumo, ir be religijos laisvė, pranešti apie savo sąmokslą. nuo visų žmonių rasės.

    MOSCOW, jūnijs 7 - krievu aizturēja policija: šodien: apmēram 300 cilvēku, kas pulcējušies vienā vietā: Prayer: islāma Maskavā, fona represijām komandēja prezidenta Vladimira Putina pret: Radical Islam: viens gads, no ziemas olimpiskajām spēlēm , Sočos: programma: ar kaimiņu reģionā: nemierīgajā Krievijas Kaukāza: musulmaņu vairākums. Starp, ka ieslodzītajiem tur ir 170 ārzemnieki, ziņoja pakalpojumus, iekšējā drošība (FSB). Konfiscētie dokumenti: un propagandas materiāls: saturs'' ekstrēmists''. - ATBILDE - Ir pienācis laiks, lai kļūtu, apzināties: nelikumīgo noziedzīgās darbības, kas: Arābu līga dara: visā pasaulē, un tas ir tas pats: šariata noziedznieks, neproporcionāli, negodīgu, attiecība, bez, savstarpīguma principu, un bez reliģijas brīvību, lai paziņot par to sazvērestībā. pret visu cilvēku rasi.

    Moskva, 7. júní - Rússneska lögreglan haldi: í dag: um 300 manns, söfnuðust á einum stað: Bæn: Islamic í Moskvu, gegn bakgrunn á crackdown boðið af forseta Vladimir Pútín, gegn: Radical Islam: eitt ár, frá Winter Olympics , í Sochi: the program: í nærliggjandi svæði: órótt Russian Kákasus: múslima meirihluta. Meðal hafa fangar það eru 170 útlendingar, greint þá þjónustu, innra öryggi (FSB). Greip textar: og áróður efni: efni'' öfga''. - SVAR - Það er kominn tími til að verða meðvituð um: ólöglegum glæpastarfsemi, sem: The Arab League er að gera: um allan heim, og er það sama: sharia glæpamaður í óhófleg, ósanngjarnt, hlutfall, án, gagnkvæmni, og án trúfrelsi, að tilkynna samsæri þeirra. gegn öllum mannkynsins.

    Moscó, 7 MEITHEAMH - póilíní na Rúise choinneáil: lá atá inniu ann: thart ar 300 duine, a bailíodh in aon áit amháin: Urnaí: Ioslamach i Moscó, i gcoinne an chúlra de cniogbheartaíocht gceannas ag Uachtarán Vladimir Putin, i gcoinne: Radacach Ioslam: bliain amháin, ó na Cluichí Oilimpeacha an Gheimhridh , i Sochi: an clár: i réigiún chomharsanacha: an trioblóideacha Rúise Chugais: tromlach Moslamach. I measc, tá an detainees tá 170 eachtrannach, thuairiscigh na seirbhísí, slándáil inmheánach (FSB). Téacsanna Urghabhadh: agus ábhar bolscaireachta:'' ábhar extremist''. - FREAGRA - Tá sé am a bheith, ar an eolas faoi: an ngníomhaíocht choiriúil neamhdhleathach, go: Is é an Léig Arabach a dhéanamh: os cionn ar fad ar fud an domhain, agus is é an céanna: coiriúil Sharia, i díréireach, éagórach, cóimheas, gan, cómhalartaíochta,, agus gan tsaoirse reiligiún, tuairisc a n-comhcheilg. in aghaidh gach cine daonna.

    MOSKOW, 7 Juni - Polisi Rusia menahan: hari: sekitar 300 orang, berkumpul di satu tempat: Doa: Islam di Moskow, dengan latar belakang dari tindakan keras diperintahkan oleh Presiden Vladimir Putin, terhadap: Islam Radikal: satu tahun, dari Olimpiade Musim Dingin , di Sochi: program: di wilayah tetangga: bermasalah Kaukasus Rusia: mayoritas Muslim. Di antara, para tahanan ada 170 orang asing, telah melaporkan pelayanan, keamanan dalam negeri (FSB). Disita teks: dan materi propaganda: konten'' ekstrimis''. - JAWABAN - Saatnya untuk menjadi, menyadari: tindak pidana ilegal, bahwa: Liga Arab melakukan: di seluruh dunia, dan sama: kriminal Syariah, di proporsional, adil, rasio, tanpa, timbal balik, dan tanpa kebebasan beragama, untuk melaporkan konspirasi mereka. terhadap semua umat manusia.

    मास्को, 7 जून - हिरासत में रूसी पुलिस: आज: एक ही स्थान पर एकत्र हुए लगभग 300 लोगों को,: प्रार्थना: राष्ट्रपति व्लादिमीर पुतिन की कमान खिलाफ कार्रवाई की पृष्ठभूमि में, मास्को में इस्लामी के खिलाफ: कट्टरपंथी इस्लाम: एक वर्ष, शीतकालीन ओलंपिक से , सोची में: कार्यक्रम: एक पड़ोसी क्षेत्र में: संकटग्रस्त रूसी काकेशस: एक मुस्लिम बहुमत. के अलावा,

    को सूचित किया है. जब्त ग्रंथों: और प्रचार सामग्री: सामग्री'' उग्रवादी''. - - उत्तर यह है, के बारे में पता बनने के लिए समय आ गया है:, अवैध रूप से आपराधिक गतिविधि है कि: पूरी दुनिया में, और एक ही है: अरब लीग से कर रही है शरियत आपराधिक, आय से अधिक, अनुचित, अनुपात में, पारस्परिकता, बिना, और धर्म के बिना स्वतंत्रता, उनकी साजिश रिपोर्ट करने के लिए. सभी मानव जाति के खिलाफ.

    MOSCOU, 7 Juin - La police russe détenu: aujourd'hui: environ 300 personnes, rassemblées en un seul endroit: Prière: islamique à Moscou, dans le contexte d'une répression commandée par le président Vladimir Poutine, contre: Radical Islam: un an des Jeux olympiques d'hiver , à Sotchi: le programme: dans une région voisine: la difficulté Caucase russe: une majorité musulmane. Parmi les détenus, il ya 170 étrangers, ont rapporté les services, la sécurité intérieure (FSB). Textes saisis: et de matériel de propagande: contenu'' extrémiste''. - RÉPONSE - Il est temps de devenir, au courant: l'activité criminelle illégale, que: La Ligue arabe est en train de faire: partout dans le monde, et est le même: de la charia, dans disproportionnée, injuste, rapport, sans réciprocité, et sans la liberté de religion, de signaler leur conspiration. contre toute la race humaine.

    Moskvas, 7. juuni - Vene politsei kinni: täna umbes 300 inimest, kogutud ühes kohas: Prayer: islami Moskva taustal haarangu käskis president Vladimir Putin, vastu: radikaalne islam: üks aasta taliolümpiamängudel , Sotšis: programm: naabruses asuvas piirkonnas: raskustes Vene-Kaukaasia moslemite enamus. Nende hulgas on kinnipeetavate on 170 välismaalast, on teatanud, teenused, sisejulgeolekut (FSB). Kinnipeetud tekste ja propaganda materjal: sisu'' äärmuslaste''. - VASTUS - On aeg saada, teadlik: ebaseaduslik kuritegevusest et: Araabia Liiga teeb: üle kogu maailma, ja on sama: sharia kriminaalasja, ebaproportsionaalselt, ebaõiglane, suhe, ilma, vastastikkuse ja ilma usuvabaduse, teatada oma vandenõu. vastu kõik inimrass.

    MOSCOW, 7. juni - Russisk tilbageholdt politiet: i dag: omkring 300 mennesker, samlet på ét sted: Bøn: islamiske i Moskva, på baggrund af et angreb kommando af præsident Vladimir Putin, imod: Radikal Islam: et år fra de olympiske vinterlege , i Sochi: programmet: i en tilstødende region: den urolige russiske Kaukasus: et muslimsk flertal. Blandt har de tilbageholdte er der 170 udlændinge, rapporteres de tjenester, indre sikkerhed (FSB). Beslaglagt tekster: og propagandamateriale: content'' ekstremistisk''. - SVAR - Det er tid til at blive, opmærksom på: den ulovlige kriminel aktivitet, at: Den Arabiske Liga gør: i hele verden, og er den samme: Sharia kriminel, i uforholdsmæssig, urimelig, ratio, uden gensidighed og uden religionsfrihed, til at anmelde deres sammensværgelse. imod al den menneskelige race.

    新華社莫斯科6月7日 - 俄羅斯警方拘留:今天約300人,聚集在一個地方:祈禱:伊斯蘭在莫斯科,弗拉基米爾·普京總統指揮鎮壓的襯托下,反對:激進的伊斯蘭:一年,從冬季奧運會在索契方案:在鄰近的地區:陷入困境的俄羅斯高加索:一個穆斯林佔多數。其中,有170名外國人被拘留,已經報導了服務,內部安全(FSB)。查獲的文本:宣傳材料內容"極端主義"。 - 答案 - 它的時間來成為,注意:違法犯罪活動,即:阿盟:在世界各地,和是一樣的:伊斯蘭教犯罪,在不相稱的,不公平的,比,不,互惠,,和沒有宗教自由,報告他們的陰謀。對所有人類。

    모스크바 월 7 일 - 구금 러시아어 경찰 : 오늘 : 한 자리에 모인 약 300 명의 :기도 : 블라디미르 푸틴 대통령에 의해 명령 단속의 배경 모스크바, 이슬람에 대하여 : 급진적 이슬람 : 1 년 동계 올림픽 , 소치 : 프로그램 : 주변 지역 : 고생 러시아어 코카서스 : 이슬람교도 대다수. 중, 170 외국인이 수감자는 서비스, 내부 보안 (FSB)를보고있다. 압수 텍스트 :와 선전 물자 : 콘텐츠 '극단'. - - ANSWER 그것은 인식 될 시간 : 불법 범죄 행위를한다 : 모든 세계와 동일합니다 : 아랍 연맹은하고있는 샤리아 범죄, 불균형, 불공정, 비율, 상호,없이, 그리고 종교의 자유가없는 그들의 음모를보고합니다. 모든 인류에 대하여.

    MOSCOW, June 7 - Russian police detained: today: about 300 people, gathered in one place: Prayer: Islamic in Moscow, against the backdrop of a crackdown commanded by President Vladimir Putin, against: Radical Islam: one year, from the Winter Olympics, in Sochi: the program: in a neighboring region: the troubled Russian Caucasus: a Muslim majority. Among, the detainees there are 170 foreigners, have reported the services, internal security (FSB). Seized texts: and propaganda material: content'' extremist''. - ANSWER - It's time to become, aware of: the illegal criminal activity, that: The Arab League is doing: all over the world, and is the same: Sharia criminal, in disproportionate, unfair, ratio, without, reciprociprocità, and without freedom of religion, to report their conspiracy. against all the human race.

    MOSCOU, 7 Juin - La police russe détenu: aujourd'hui: environ 300 personnes, rassemblées en un seul endroit: Prière: islamique à Moscou, dans le contexte d'une répression commandée par le président Vladimir Poutine, contre: Radical Islam: un an des Jeux olympiques d'hiver , à Sotchi: le programme: dans une région voisine: la difficulté Caucase russe: une majorité musulmane. Parmi les détenus, il ya 170 étrangers, ont rapporté les services, la sécurité intérieure (FSB). Textes saisis: et de matériel de propagande: contenu'' extrémiste''. - RÉPONSE - Il est temps de devenir, au courant: l'activité criminelle illégale, que: La Ligue arabe est en train de faire: partout dans le monde, et est le même: de la charia, dans disproportionnée, injuste, rapport, sans reciprociprocità, et sans la liberté de religion, de signaler leur conspiration. contre toute la race humaine.

    MOSCA, 7 GIU - La polizia russa ha fermato: oggi: circa 300 persone riunite in un luogo: di preghiera: islamico a Mosca, sullo sfondo di un giro di vite ordinato: dal presidente Vladimir Putin: contro: l'Islam radicale: a un anno dalle Olimpiadi invernali di Soci: in programma: in una regione limitrofa: all'inquieto Caucaso russo: a maggioranza musulmana. Tra i fermati si contano: 170 stranieri, hanno riferito i servizi di sicurezza interni (Fsb). Sequestrati testi: e materiale di propaganda: di contenuto ''estremista''. --ANSWER -- È il momento di prendere consapevolezza: della attività criminale clandestina, che: la Lega ARABA sta facendo: in tutto il mondo, ed è la stessa: Sharia criminale, nello sproporzionato: sleale, rapporto: senza reciprociprocità, e senza libertà di religione, a denunciare la loro cospirazione. contro il genere umano.

    [accidents protesters, against: Erdogan's party] has declared war on his people "protest on twitter @ welsla." There now to fear a civil war, "says @ fulyacandas." Is the most provocative speech ever heard in Turkish politics "writes @ canikligil. According to the newspaper moderate independent Taraf" Erdogan is giving fire to Turkey. "- ANSWER - DISCONNECT YOURSELF FROM THE ARAB LEAGUE, Salafis," Muslim brothers "the Nazis sharia and caliphate worldwide for Al Qaeda in secret Ha dichiarato la guerra al suo popolo" protesta su twitter @welsla. "C'é da temere ora una guerra civile" dice @fulyacandas. "E' il discorso più provocatorio mai sentito nella politica turca" scrive @canikligil. Secondo il quotidiano moderato indipendente Taraf "Erdogan sta dando fuoco alla Turchia". --ANSWER -- SCOLLEGA TE STESSO DALLA LEGA ARABA, salafiti, "fratelli musulmani" i nazisti della sharia, e del califfato mondiale per Al Quaeda in occulto..

    KIEV, 7 de junio - A pecho descubierto y la celebración de las cintas en lugar de: gimnasia artística gritando'' Putin, te amo!''. por lo que algunos activistas del grupo feminista Femen: se manifestaron frente a la embajada de Rusia: en Kiev: donde dice: el divorcio entre el presidente ruso: su esposa tras 30 años de matrimonio. Las cintas de la gimnasia artística esgrimidos: desde Femen: son una referencia al ex campeón olímpico: de: gimnasia rítmica, Alina Kabaieva que: de acuerdo a los rumores que: ya: dados dos hijos a Putin. - RESPUESTA - @ masones, fariseos, Bildenberg - esto es pura maldad! será castigado, porque: Putin está bajo mi protección .. De hecho, Putin reconoce la identidad cristiana: del pueblo ruso, que: ha profanado profanado, estás destruyendo: la identidad de los pueblos europeos, para toda la raza humana, un rebaño de esclavos, que son satanistas Rothschild

    KIEW, June 7 - Eine Brust nackt und hält von Bändern: für: Kunstturnen schreien'' Putin, ich liebe dich!''. so, dass einige Aktivisten der feministischen Gruppe: Femen: demonstrierten vor der russischen Botschaft: in Kiew: für: die Scheidung des russischen Präsidenten: seine Frau nach 30 Jahren Ehe. Die Bänder für die Kunstturnen schwang: von Femen: sie sind ein Verweis auf den ehemaligen Olympiasieger: von: Rhythmische Sportgymnastik, Alina Kabaieva dass Gerüchten zufolge würde: bereits: zwei Söhne Putin gegeben. - ANTWORT - @ Masons, Pharisäer, Bildenberg - das ist das pure Böse! Sie werden bestraft, weil: Putin ist unter meinem Schutz .. In der Tat, die christliche Identität Putin erkennt: das russische Volk, dass: Sie haben entweiht geschändet, Sie zerstören: die Identität der europäischen Völker, um die ganze Menschheit, eine Herde von Sklaven zu machen, sind Sie Satanisten Rothschild

    KIEV, 7 Juin - A la poitrine nue et la tenue des bandes: pour: gymnastique artistique en criant'' Poutine, je vous aime!''. de sorte que certains activistes du groupe féministe Femen: ont manifesté devant l'ambassade de Russie: à Kiev: pour: le divorce du président russe: sa femme après 30 ans de mariage. Les bandes pour la gymnastique artistique brandis: de Femen: elles sont une référence à l'ancien champion olympique: de: gymnastique rythmique, Alina Kabaieva que: selon les rumeurs serait: déjà: étant donné deux fils à Poutine. - RÉPONSE - @ maçons, pharisiens, Bildenberg - ce qui est mal pur! vous serez punis, parce que: Poutine est sous ma protection .. En fait, Poutine reconnaît l'identité chrétienne: le peuple russe, que: vous avez profané profané, vous détruisez: l'identité des peuples européens, pour faire toute la race humaine, un troupeau d'esclaves, vous êtes satanistes Rothschild

    KIEV, June 7 - A breast naked and holding of tapes: for: artistic gymnastics shouting'' Putin, I love you!''. so, that some activists of the feminist group: Femen: demonstrated in front of the Russian embassy: in Kiev: for: the divorce of Russian President: his wife after 30 years of marriage. The tapes for the artistic gymnastics brandished: from Femen: they are a reference to the former Olympic champion: of: rhythmic gymnastics, Alina Kabaieva that: according to rumors would: already: given two sons to Putin. - ANSWER - @ Masons, Pharisees, Bildenberg - this is pure evil! you will be punished, because: Putin is under my protection .. In fact, Putin recognizes the Christian identity: of the Russian people, that: you have profaned desecrated, you are destroying: the identity of European peoples, to make the whole human race, a herd of slaves, you are Satanists Rothschild

    KIEV, 7 GIU - A seno nudo: e con in mano dei nastri: per: la ginnastica artistica gridando ''Putin, ti amo!''. è così, che, alcune attiviste del gruppo femminista: Femen: hanno manifestato davanti all'ambasciata russa: a Kiev: per: il divorzio del presidente russo: dalla moglie dopo: 30 anni di matrimonio. I nastri per la ginnastica artistica branditi: dalle Femen: sono un riferimento all'ex campionessa olimpica: di: ginnastica ritmica, Alina Kabaieva, che: secondo indiscrezioni avrebbe: già: dato due figli a Putin. -- ANSWER -- @massoni, farisei, bildenberg -- questa è pura cattiveria! voi sarete puniti, perché: Putin è sotto la mia protezione.. infatti, Putin riconosce la identità cristiana: del popolo Russo, che: voi avete dissacrato profanato, voi state distruggento la identità dei popoli europei, per fare di tutto il genere umano, un branco di schiavi: voi siete i satanisti di Rothschild

    obviously, we do not have the technology to put: a computer (satellite transmitter) in a square millimeter, then, is an engineering alien, that is, not, a reverse-engineered, but, only, a engineering that only the Aleni can produce, on an industrial scale, for you IMF-NWO De toute évidence, nous n'avons pas la technologie pour mettre: un ordinateur (émetteur satellite) dans un millimètre carré, alors, est un étranger de génie, c'est pas une ingénierie inverse, mais, seulement, un génie qui ne le Aleni peut produire, à l'échelle industrielle, pour vous FMI-NWO ovviamente, noi non abbiamo la tecnologia, per mettere: un computer (trasmettitore satellitare): in un millimetro quadrato, quindi, è una ingegneria aliena, cioè, non, una retro-ingegneria, ma, soltanto, una ingegneria, che, solo gli aleni possono produrre, in scala industriale, per voi FMI-NWO

    187AUDIOHOSTEM 666 - vous faites partie: l': grand frère, l'œil qui voit tout de Lucifer, le NWO, c'est la lutte mondiale contre 666, la nouvelle tour de Babylone, qui échappe à la gestion des gouvernements, parce que chaque conseil, peut avoir une puce , de: a: "millimètre carré" de communiquer directement avec des images et des sons à vos satellites - you're part: the: big brother, the all-seeing eye of Lucifer, the NWO, that is, global control 666, new babylon tower, which escapes the management of governments, because each board, may have a chip, of: a: "square millimeter" to communicate directly with images and sounds to your satellites- tu sei parte: del grande fratello, l'occhio onniveggente di lucifero, il NWO, cioè, il controllo globale, che, sfugge alla gestione dei governi, perché, ogni scheda elettronica, può avere un cip, di un: "millimetro quadrato" per comunicare direttamente immagini e suoni ai tuoi satelliti

    ANKARA, June 7 - Thousands of demonstrators: are back in Taksim Square in Istanbul, challenging Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that: last night returning from a mission in the Maghreb gave notice to the hundreds of thousands of people that: the challenged in the last 10 days:'' immediately'' to stop the protest. A Taksim have not been recorded, however, accidents since last Saturday, when the police was withdrawn. Riots took place instead in the last days in Ankara. - ANSWER - EIhhhh, Salafi terrorist Islamist ERDOGAN: I have found: a job suitable for you: [A.Saudita: lack Executioner professionals. This was written by AsiaNews. Hypothesis shooting in place beheading] after all: I am not think, that, you will find a shopping center, available to build, over the corpses, that, you wanted .. there are no more: the happy times:of the Armenian genocide

    ANKARA, 7 GIU - Migliaia di manifestanti: sono tornati in Piazza Taksim, a Istanbul, sfidando il premier: Recep Tayyip Erdogan: che: la notte scorsa al rientro da una missione nel Maghreb ha intimato alle centinaia di migliaia di persone: che: lo hanno contestato: negli ultimi 10 giorni: di interrompere ''immediatamente'' la protesta. A Taksim non sono più stati registrati, peraltro, incidenti da sabato scorso, quando la polizia è stata ritirata. Scontri si sono verificati invece negli ultimi giorni ad Ankara. -- ANSWER -- EIhhhh, islamista salafita ERDOGAN: io ho trovato: un lavoro: adatto per te: [A.Saudita: mancano boia professionisti. Lo scrive Asianews. Ipotesi fucilazione a posto decapitazione ] dopo tutto: io non: credo, che, tu troverai un centro commerciale, disponibile a costruire, sui cadaveri che, tu hai voluto.. non ci sono più: i tempi felici: del genocidio degli armeni
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    ROME, June 7 -'' The declarations of Beppe Grillo, decomposed, and offensive, they tend to strike back: Parliament: and: then: democracy. They're bad: for the country, for its image abroad, for: those who work: to renew the institutions by making them more simple, efficient and transparent, and for the same members, the group M5S''. He says Laura Boldrini. - ANSWER - this is all wrong, did not make any sense! you can not repair: the hull of a ship: infracidita, we must have the courage to: look at the mother of all problems: that is, seigniorage banking: that, Masons have stolen: against, the Constitution .. you can not ask, to a Pharisee, to do you good, now, that, 1. him, always has been, a slave trader, 2. which, he believes, you are animals in human form, ie talmud

    ROMA, 7 GIU - ''Le dichiarazioni di Beppe Grillo, scomposte e offensive, tendono di nuovo a colpire: il Parlamento: e: quindi: la democrazia. Sono dannose: per il paese, per la sua immagine all'estero, per: chi lavora: a rinnovare le istituzioni rendendole più sobrie, efficaci e trasparenti, e per gli stessi deputati, del gruppo M5S''. Lo dice Laura Boldrini. -- ANSWER -- questo è tutto sbagliato, non ha senso tutto questo! non si può riparare: lo scafo di una nave: infracidita, bisogna avere il coraggio: di: guardare alla madre: di tutti i problemi: cioè, il signoraggio bancario: che, i massoni hanno rubato: alla Costituzione.. non potete chiedere ad un fariseo, di fare a voi del bene, oggi, che, 1. lui: è sempre stato, un commerciante di schiavi, 2. che, crede che, voi siete animali dalla forma umana,
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    @Rothschild 666 IMF-NWO --- it was you, that you did sabotage: with fire, in the telephone exchange:of the TELECOM? half of my city remained without phone .. if it was for next, time, you send someone, who is: less stupid of you, because it was not able to find my column: in the middle, in the telephone exchange:! c'était vous, que vous avez sabotage: avec le feu, dans le central téléphonique: de l'TELECOM? la moitié de ma ville est restée sans téléphone .. si c'était pour la prochaine, le temps, vous envoyez à quelqu'un, qui est: moins stupide de vous, parce qu'il n'était pas en mesure de trouver ma colonne: au milieu, dans le central téléphonique: sei stato tu, che, hai fatto sabotare: incendiare, la centrale telefonica: della TELECOM? metà della mia città: è rimasta senza telefono.. se sei stato tu, la prossima, volta, manda qualcuno: che è: meno imbecille, perché non è stato capace di trovare la mia colonnina: nella centrale!

    [ce qui prouve la vérité de tout cela, que, Livre de l'Apocalypse, a déjà dit] c'est vrai: [il s'agit de la première résurrection: dans laquelle seuls: les saints et les martyrs:: ils peuvent participer] parce que, si Bernadette Soubirous: ne pas être en vie aujourd'hui? elle ne pouvait pas me donner: sa promesse de l'amour, comme une récompense: pour moi d'accomplir avec honneur: ma bataille, ma tâche: que Dieu m'a donné à faire, dans ce monde. [dies beweist die Wahrheit all dessen, dass, Buch der Offenbarung, hat bereits gesagt] wahr ist: [es ist die erste Auferstehung: in der allein: die Heiligen: und Märtyrer: sie teilnehmen können], weil, wenn Bernadette Soubirous: Sie heute nicht mehr leben? konnte sie mir nicht geben: sein Versprechen der Liebe, als Belohnung: für mich, mit Ehre zu tun: mein Kampf, meine Aufgabe: dass Gott mir gegeben hat, zu tun, in dieser Welt.

    [this proves the truth of all that, that, Book of Revelation, has already said] is true: [there is the first risurezione: in which alone the saints and martyrs: they can participate] because, if Bernadette Soubirous : Do not be alive today? she could not give me his promise of love, as a reward for me to accomplish with honor: my battle, my task: that God has given me to do, in this world. [questo dimostra, la verità: di tutto quello, che, il Libro di Apocalisse: ha già affermato] è vero: [esiste la prima risurezione: a cui, soltanto, i santi: e i martiri: possono partecipare] perché: se Bernadette Soubirous: non fosse viva oggi? lei non avrebbe potuto dare a me: la sua promessa d'amore, come un premio per me, di portare a termine con onore: la mia battaglia, il mio compito: che Dio ha dato a me da fare, in questo mondo

    [Dies zeigt nicht nur das Verständnis, daß Gott von sich selbst hat (seine Selbst-Bewusstsein, das Bewusstsein seiner Identität): das heißt, seine Bereitschaft zu respektieren, zu lieben alle, und die Ursache: das Glück von allen, das heißt, die unglaubliche Sensibilität und Sorgfalt, dass er für jeden von uns], sondern auch die Sehnsucht nach Gott, zu beobachten: die Identität, Wille und Freiheit aller seiner Geschöpfe, auch im Himmel .

    . und ist es, weil: die Verdammten in der Hölle: Sie können all dies zu verstehen, nämlich: all das Gute: dass sie aufgegeben, dass sie gehen mit Trauer mad beginnen: "Die Flamme der Verzweiflung!" Dies ist meine Wut: Die Pharisäer Illuminati, sie könnten ihre Kabbala zu verwenden, zu segnen: die menschliche Rasse, aber: von den Französisch Revolution ab, waren: nur die Direktoren der einzelnen verborgen: Macht IWF-NWO,: okkulten Freimaurerei für tun Krieg, Vernichtung, l 'Brandopfer und Böse: Warum Satanismus: 666, ist funktional für sie, um Versklavung der gesamten Menschheit

    [Esto revela no sólo la comprensión: que Dios tiene de sí mismo (su auto-conciencia, la conciencia de su identidad): es decir, su voluntad de respetar, amar a todos y ser la causa: la felicidad de todos, es decir, la la sensibilidad y la atención increíble, que: él tiene para cada uno de nosotros], pero también el deseo de Dios, para guardar: la identidad, la voluntad y la libertad de todas sus criaturas, también, en el cielo .

    . y es porque: los condenados en el infierno: se puede entender todo esto, es decir: todo lo bueno: que se han rendido, que empiezan a enloquecer de dolor: "la llama de la desesperación"! Este es mi ira: los fariseos Illuminati, que podría utilizar su Cábala, para bendecir: la raza humana, sino: de la década de la Revolución Francesa, fueron: solamente, los directores de cada oculto: la masonería oculta: FMI-NWO, potencia: para hacer la guerra, el exterminio, los holocaustos l ', y el mal: ¿Por qué el satanismo: 666, es funcional para ellos, a la esclavitud de toda la raza humana

    [Cela révèle non seulement la compréhension: que Dieu a de lui-même (sa conscience de soi, la conscience de son identité): c'est, sa volonté de respecter, l'amour tout le monde, et en être la cause: le bonheur de tous, c'est le sensibilité et de soins incroyable, que: il a pour chacun de nous], mais aussi le désir de Dieu, à observer: l'identité, la volonté et la liberté de toutes ses créatures, aussi, dans le ciel ..

    et, c'est parce que: les damnés en enfer: ils peuvent comprendre tout cela, à savoir: tout le bien: ils ont abandonné, qu'ils commencent à devenir fou de douleur: «la flamme du désespoir»! C'est ma colère: Les pharisiens Illuminati, ils pourraient utiliser leur cabbalah, de bénir: la race humaine, mais: dès la Révolution française, étaient: seulement, les directeurs de chaque caché: la franc-maçonnerie occulte: FMI-NWO, puissance: pour faire la guerre, l'extermination, l 'holocauste, et le mal: Pourquoi le Satanisme: 666, est fonctionnel pour eux, à l'esclavage de la race humaine tout entière

    [This reveals not only the understanding: that God has of himself (his self-awareness, awareness of his identity): that is, its willingness to respect, love everyone, and be the cause: the happiness of all, that is, the incredible sensitivity and care, that: he has for each of us], but also the desire for God, to observe: the identity, will, and freedom of all His creatures, also, in heaven .. and, it is because: the damned in hell: they can understand all this, namely: all the good: that they have given up, that they begin to go mad with grief: "the flame of despair"! This is my anger: the Pharisees Illuminati, they could use their cabbalah, to bless: the human race, but: from the French Revolution onwards, were: only, the directors of each hidden: occult masoni power: for do war, extermination, l 'holocausts, and evil: Why Satanism: 666, is functional for them, to enslavement of the entire human race

    [questo rivela: non solo, la comprensione: che, Dio ha di se stesso (la sua autocoscienza, la consapevolezza della Sua identità): cioè, la sua volontà di rispettare, amare tutti, ed essere la causa: della felicità di tutti, cioè, la incredibile: sensibilità e premura, che: lui ha per ognuno di noi ] ma, anche, il desiderio di Dio, di rispettare: la identità: volontà, e la libertà, di tutte le Sue creature, in Paradiso.. ed è perché: i dannati all'inferno: possono capire tutto questo, cioè: tutto il bene: a cui loro hanno rinunciato, che, incominciano ad impazzire dal dolore: "la fiamma della disperazione"! Questa è la mia rabbia: i farisei Illuminati, avrebbero potuto usare la loro cabala, per benedire: il genere umano, ma: dalla rivoluzione francese: in poi, sono stati: soltanto, i registi occulti di ogni: guerra, sterminio, locausto e malvagità: perché il satanismo è per loro funzionale alla riduzione in schiavitù di tutto il genere umano

    [RECUPERO TOTALE] adesso, questa donna: pentita, lei è stata perdonata: per avere fatto degli aborti, lei va in Paradiso, dove incontra, i suoi figli, che, ha ammazzato(perché, quando una persona viene perdonata, Dio dichiara, che, soltanto Satana: è stato il colpevole! e quindi, nessuno: può più: offendere, o contestare: il giudizio di Dio) così: i figli abortiti, uno per volta, secondo: il loro turno: e secondo, il loro desiderio: si fanno embrioni, per vivere: quella meragliosa esperienza: che, a loro: è venuta a mancare (cioè: di essere un feto: amato e desiderato, dalla loro mamma): quando: Dio li ha mandati sulla terra. Infatti, non sarebbe reale il Regno di Dio, se: soffrisse di qualche privazione: o subisse di: qualche povertà.

    è troppo divertente! cosa c'è di normale, in un seminarista, che deve diventare prete: ma, poi, lui "ci prova", con una suora, che è morta: 150 anni prima, e che: lei dice a lui: "ok ragazzo: questo si può fare!".. questo è strardinario: non solo: per capire, la personalità di Dio (una Persona veramente gentile: e piena di 1000 attenzioni: per noi, per soddisfare tutti i nostri desideri) ma, questo fa capire: come: è il Regno dei Cieli: infatti, in Paradiso non esistono suore, isituzioni e religioni.. ha ragione Benny Hinn, quando lui dice: "con Dio: è un recupero totale!".. pensiamo ad una donna: che: vive nel rimorso di avere fatto: degli aborti, e sente: la mancanza: di non avere dato amore: ai suoi figli, ma, anche a questi figli: che: non hanno potuto avere l'amore della loro mamma, nella sua pancia! Nel Regno dei Cieli, come all'inferno, tutti hanno un "corpo spirituale" perfetto di 37 anni, ma, sembrano belli, come se hanno 27 anni

    voi volete, che, io debba rispettare la vostra vita privata? ok, allora voi imparate: a rispettare: la mia vita privata, dopotutto: queste cose io le ho dette: soltanto: al mio amico satanista IHateNEWLAYOUT

    lol. io non pretendo di essere creduto!

    quando all'età di 22 anni: io ho indirizzato il mio apprezzamento: verso di lei: la mia: Bernadette Soubirous, lei ha risposto a me, con un profumo, che, era un profumo del paradiso.. io non ero solo, eppure, io soltanto: ho percepito: la straordinaria intensità: di quel profumo.. sul momento, io non ho capito il motivo, cioè, le intenzioni di quel profumo straordinario... ma, solo pochi anni fa, in youtube, attraverso: la metafisica, mentre, cercavo risposte: ai misteri, contenuti per me: nella Parola di Dio: io ho sentito: intuitivamente, la sua stabile: e la sua precisa: sua determinazione per me.. è lei la mia anima gemella, che, io non ho potuto incontrare: in questo mondo.. ma, nessuno: che: sia sano di mente, può pensare, di avere molte esperienza di questo tipo: in tutta la sua vita, ma, quelle rarissime esperienze, di questo tipo: che tutti possono ottenere, io non credo che possano essere dimenticate..

    (questo era: proprio, l'ultimo segreto che: il mio cuore conservava ancora)

    [chi si sposa? giura sempre: a Dio: di proteggere: il suo partner: sempre, e tutte le donne hanno bisogno di essere protette: soprattutto, da se stesse, il più delle volte.. ] molto raramente, nei paradisi celesti, del Regno di Dio: dove l'amore: è perfetto: puro: spirituale, le persone contraggono matrimonio, o hanno relazioni sessuali, semplicemente: perché: non esiste la lussuria, nessuna forma di concupiscenza, perché, l'amore è troppo: spirituale, universale, avvolgente, intenso ed appagante, quindi: la vita sessuale in paradiso: non è impossibile: ma, è molto rara.. la mia sposa in Paradiso, lei è una santa famosa, e si è dichiarata a me, personalmente.. proprio lei stessa: ha fatto questo, cioè ha ricambiato il mio sentimento per lei

    [mia moglie] molti criticano me: adesso: perché, io non ho dichiarato, ancora, dopo tanti commenti, di essere ancora, innamorato di mia moglie.. ma, io non dico mai: quello: che: le persone: si aspettano di sentire: da me, questa: è una mia caratteristica.. il nostro rapporto è stato: troppo: osteggiato: dalle famiglie, tanto che: gli anelli di fidanzamento, noi ce li siamo scambiati: a soli, ed io: li porto: sempre: entrambi nel mignolo della mia mano destra.. certo: è stato: un vero grande amore: il nostro.. e come: un grande fuoco, che, è coperto dalla cenere, della giustizia, e della fedeltà, che è un incendio: che è sempre pronto: a divampare: in qualsiasi momento, perché, l'amore sia sempre un miracolo, e mai qualcosa di scontato.. [ora perché, io penso sempre(in realtà), alla migliore interpretazione, quando, io ascolto anche un nemico, e ci sono dei cattivi che giudicano: sempre per il peggio, cioè: per la peggiore interpretazione: quello che io dico?]

    [mia moglie] onestamente, io non credo che, possa esistere: una relazione matrimoniale: che: sia facile, o non problematica.. ringrazio Dio, però, di avere fatto: le scelte della mia vita, insieme a lei, che, sono state sempre, delle scelte condivise. Anche, avere la condivisione: della fede in Dio, ha certamente, aiutato noi, nei momenti più difficili: della nostra vita matrimoniale.. anche: io non sono quell'uomo: dalle mille attenzioni, che, lei avrebbe meritato.. ma, io non ho: dei rimpianti: per avere camminato con lei, in questi 18 anni: di matrimonio, perché, tutto quello, che, noi abbiamo ricevuto: è sempre un dono, e ringrazio Dio: per averla sposata... e poi, come, noi possiamo ribellarci, a quello, che, Dio ha previsto per noi?, 1. sia: perché è stupido, 2. sia: perché tutti abbiamo dei peccati da espiare! 3. e questo è evidente: lol. io ho più peccati: di: chiunque altro, se: li sto espiando: in questa pagina.

    [mia moglie] anche, se queste disperate: situazioni, di aggressività, negatività, opposizione, irrazionalità, litigiosità, oggi sono: molto meno gravi e frequenti, che, nel passato.. perché la grazia di Dio: non ha lavorato, inutilmente, in noi, tuttavia, si ha in quei momenti: la netta sensazione: di avere di fronte: un muro: contro: cui non si può ottenere: alcuna: forma di collaborazione.. tuttavia, è sufficiente: che, io la escluda lei, dalla comunicazione con me, che, un sacro terrore: la assale, come: anche, la soprannaturale consapevolezza: che: le sue sofferenze: sono guarite: rapidamente: quando si stringe: a me.. ecco perché, quando io rifiuto di parlare con lei? poi, è sempre: lei:che: chiede di fare: la pace con me.. ed anche se, questo succede raramente, anche, io non vi vergogno di chiedere scusa a lei, anche, pubblicamente, cioè, alla presenza dei figli. quando io ritengo di avere esagerato.

    Tuttavia, per tutte le persone, ed anche per me, mia moglie, è una donna normale

    @IHateNEWLAYOUT -- in realtà il matrimonio: con: mia moglie è stata una vera sfida, psicologica, spirituale, pochi uomini avrebbero potuto superare quelle difficoltà.. la ribellione: contro di me: si insediò: in lei nello stesso momento: del nostro matrimonio, ed io avrei potuto lasciare lei, rompere la nostra relazione, anche: durante il viaggio di nozze... in realtà, anche le sorelle di mia moglie(le mie cognate), si sono molto meravigliate, che, io fossi riuscito a gestire a controllare a pacificare, quella situazione psicologicamente troppo instabile irrazionale.. e non credo, che, mia moglie avrebbe potuto essere la moglie di un altro uomo, senza divorziare.. e questo, non significa, che, per me, mia moglie non sia una persona preziosa, perché il vero linguaggio dell'amore, si chiama: "perdono, fedeltà".. io non ho mai tradito mia moglie, e non solo lei lo avrebbe meritato, ma, mi ha sempre chiesto di farlo, anche.. ma, io non valuto le persone come io valuto Dio stesso..

    @187AUDIOHOSTEM lizard -- per quale, mio commento: io sono criticato(al 60%) in questo momento? @IHateNEWLAYOUT -- mia moglie è molto apprezzata, sia in ambito lavorativo, che, in ambito sociale, ma, anche io: apprezzo lei... lei ha molte virtù, anche se, qualche volta è irrazionale, negativa, ribelle, contro di me, ma, questo è normale: in ogni matrimonio.. anche perché: ogni relazione: si deve sempre: nutrire: di perdono reciproco.. non dobbiamo mai vedere: la realtà, soltanto: dal nostro punto di vista! ma, i traumi della infanzia di mia moglie, e alcuni aspetti: del suo carattere, potevano soltanto essere: compensati, da un uomo con una grande spiritualità. diversamente, vivere insieme a mia moglie sarebbe stato umanamente impossibile! ma 18 anni di matrimonio con me: hanno migliorato lei(che è diventata più positiva), come ha migliorato me: anche.

    lingue nuove gioia festa felicità profezia consolazione shalom -- is mine youngest son, the electronic keyboard